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Today is the Day !

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday.

Don’t worry, I’ve found the perfect gift and I know that it will please him a lot. I’m kind of torn between telling you right now or waiting to give him first. Well in one way, I’m pretty sure he won’t read my blog today because he will be too busy to catch his plane from Casablanca to go back home and to work or to have some rest once arrived.

Ok, ok, I’m a weak girl, I’m going to tell you but only you. So don’t tell him anything !

Last year, my boyfriend travelled in China and he really loved this country. I know that he has been to the 3 Gorges Dam area and is really concerned about the environmental and humans catastrophe who happened to this place. I could try to explain you but I’m pretty sure that this article is doing it better than I will.

So few months ago, we went to this bookshop that we love and there was this beautiful book about China’s Three Gorges Dam that he found. At time, he didn’t buy it. He wanted to have a look to see if the photos were beautiful and the text interesting but it was wrapped  up into plastic bag so he just left it where he found it.

But yesterday, I’ve been to the bookshop and I found it ! I was really lucky, only one left there. So this time, I could have a look of the content and I know that he will like it. Exactly that he’s looking for reading a photo book.

Now, I just can’t wait to see him open his birthday’s present !!


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How could I choose 5 books among all the books that I ever read ?

I used to read a lot when I was a child but most of this books belong to the local library and I didn’t make a list of what I’ve read, what I’ve like or not… So I’ve just forget the books, the story except for maybe one or two feelings about some of them. In somehow, this is a lost for me to not being able to remember them properly. 

So I will try to list 5 books, yes I’ve just write will try because this is not an easy task asked ! Of course, this list does not have a define order ! There is no order at all in fact, I can’t tell would be my favourite ever, it’s just the 5 first books who cross my mind while I’m writing this post.

  • The Harry Potter saga by JK Rowling

Yes I know, just with all the Harry Potter’s story there is 7 books ! But how could I choose one of them among all the tome ? It took 7 books to tell one story so I count all of them as an all, as one book. I’ve read them avidly, loving every part of the books for their dark side as much as for the bright and funny one ! I guess, it’s quite an important collection on my book shelves and if I have to move out anywhere in the world, I would take it with me.

I’ve always been interesting in history, specially this part of history, the WWII. Good books about preparation, Day D, military tactical with human side are not easy to find ! Most of time, it’s more about fact, about several division or company but not about the men who belong to the company. But in this book, Stephen E. Ambrose interviewed the men of the Easy Company, 2nd battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. We follow them from the training at Camp Toccoa to the last day of the company and even after. It’s their story, their feelings, a real testimony and not only a war book.The book and the following TV Show give a real homage to their bravery and their life.

Here’s one of the books that I’ve read when I was a child. I’ve never forget this book and I’m sure, his not stranger to the fact to my love and respect for this beautiful animal ! I mostly remember the scene about the hawk, how to domesticate it, to show him respect and love to this animal and the way how he shows it back to us. That is certainly a wonderful book to child!

I’m not really into Poems but there is some of them that I really love, specially the ones about the cats. His way to compare cats to woman and write about them with love and respect. It’s one of my favourite book in my collection and will always be !

  • La nuit des temps by René Barjavel (The Ice People) 

    Zoran's Equation

I’ve read it when I was a teen and I never could forget it. The story about Eléa civilization who was destroyed by the war sounds just like a warning to us now. I strongly recommend you this SF French book. So easy to read but with real questions ask and real reflection of our world.


So according to you,  what are your 5 most important books ?

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Inside Shakespeare and Co in Paris...

Shakespeare and Co's bookshop in Paris near Notre Dame

Yesterday, I decided to go out for a little walk to stay “active” and honestly too, because I really need it ! I can’t stay a long time without getting out of my home, even if I like it, I need to breathe the polluted fresh air, to see the sun and well just to have a nice walk…

So as I was running out of books to read, I decided to go to the bookshop upper in my street. I love bookshop ! I’ve always love this place, being surrounded by books, everywhere from the ground to the ceiling! I’ve never been to this bookshop before. That was a first to me. I’m kind of regular costumer when I find a bookshop or any shop that I like (like Lush or Esprit…) I always go back in the same shops ! I used to go in this beautiful and lovely bookshop in Montmartre all the time near “metro Abbesses“, why there ? Just because I used to live in this area. I loved this bookshop because they were nice, friendly and they really know books. Many times I came in this shop without no particular ideas of wich books I wanted to read, nothing except maybe a lovely happy story or a good criminal investigation… And every time, they give me such good advice, good books to read ! They never was wrong !

But yesterday, I couldn’t go there. It’s too far away for me who can’t really walk or took the underground. So I’ve been to “Les Folies D’encre” in my little town and I was nicely surprised ! They were books everywhere (of course they were!!) I mean, it was like a living place, books on the shelves well-arranged in order, others on the top of them to complete the shelves on the high… There was a little space for the children to read some books with 2 little couch and a little table. Actually, it was kind of little messy, just like home and I love that ! That means this place is living !!

The booksellers, a woman and a man, was really nice and welcoming. The lady knew the thriller section and she really could give me some good advice. Specially that I really do need some ! I like this kind of books but I do really have some interest in this section for just a few months. I’m a Newbie about thrillers !! I know writers like Michael Connelly, Mary Higgins Clark or even John Grisham but until now I’ve never read theirs books ! (For now I’m reading James Ellroy‘s book “Tijuana my love” but I’m not sure to like his writing’s…) And of course, all the time, the publishers wrote that they are the best’s writers of the thrillers / FBI investigations story or whatever so how could I really know wich one to read?… So when the woman just told me she just finished a book in this section, I was kind of relieved ! I can’t have this kind of feeling when I’m going to the book department of shop like “FNAC” or “VIRGIN Mega Store” ! There is maybe much more books, maybe all the Mary Higgins Clark / John Grisham / Michael Connelly’s collections but they can’t give you some advice about books… If you come with no particular idea of what you want to read, they can’t help you or give you a book to read… They are just good enough to find you a book in the shelves… Ok maybe I’m kind of mean now but that’s so true in a kind of way…

So yes, I was happy to be in this little bookshop, to get to know this booksellers and to go home with a Michael Connelly’s book ! I can’t wait to read it !!

What about you ? What kind of bookshops do you like ? A messy one with books all around in every positions possible or a really very well-arranged or website such Amazon ?

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