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I’ve just realize that’s been a long time since my last post ! I’m truly sorry about it.

I was quite busy this last months and honestly, I didn’t know what to write about and was worrying about finding a new job and what to do at this point of my life.

In few days, I will turn 30 years old and I still don’t have found a new job ! I was applying for some production assistant / manager jobs in movie’s or documentary’s production but I never had any answer. So I’ve changed my mind, try to work for Event’s agencies, my profile fits but I do not have the network. Damn!

So here comes the last solution, going back on “school” again, oups, that’s tough to accept. So ok, here I go but I have to do an adult professional training and that’s not so easy to find and worst, what should I do ? I mean, there is some adult professional training but not something that I will love.

It takes me months to “know” and even then, I’m not so sure that I will “love” it like I loved my previous job. Well, I don’t have any choice isn’t it, I have to deal with my hernia and to work. So when I decided that I could maybe like to be a Community Manager and why not, study HTML5 et CSS 3 to maybe change later into a Web designer.

That’s exactly when I made out my mind about it that I get this job interview for a production manager in a little young films agency that I would love ! They are doing a lot of international films, Ecologist activist, well exactly what I like. Well I still don’t know if I will be hired or not, the job interview will be the 20th of July, so let’s cross our fingers about it !

So lots happened but not so much neither, plus once I’ve blogged in French about all of this, I didn’t want to talk about it in English… I don’t know, maybe because I have said what I wanted to and no need to go back again here about it. I’m not sure if I’m very clear about it ?

Well anyway, I think I’m going to do some effort and to post more often, maybe not every week (I don’t even post that much on my French’s blogs) but at least once in a while every months.


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It’s been so long since my last post ? Really ? Oh My God !! Time is really passing so quickly this month or is it me ?

Lately my days are divided this way :

Job’s research, sending resume and letter to possible futur employer.

Reading books !! My Godmother offer me some French thriller to read and I’m really enjoying it.

Blogging in French (Les Chroniques d’Izzie) about my job’s research adventure and believe me, there is a lot to write about ! It’s quite difficult to explain it in English because the French Employment Office is, how could I say that, special ! Yes, special is the word….

Seeing my friend, going to the movie.

Knitting in the evening. That’s a great way to relax and to free your mind of any problems or negative thoughts.

And of course : Opening a new blog !! Yes, I know what you’re going to write me. A new blog but you barely write on this blog so how could you keep 3 blogs open ?

And you were quite right but not worry, I’m not going to close this blog, not at all ! In fact, the new blog is about my knitting project ! I want to keep it simple and elegant : Some photos, 2 or 3 lines of text and that’s it ! I didn’t want a lot of talking or anything. Just to show my projects and that’s it.

And the best of it ? My blog is in French AND in English ! So you can keep an eye on it too ! So if you’re interested, here’s the URL :

Izzie Knits : This pieces that are me

I hope that you will like it !

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 8,100 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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I do have a twitter account even If until now, I haven’t really tweet anything yet. I do have publish the link of my posts but I have to tell you the truth : WordPress did it for me !

I don’t know why I opened this account considering the fact that I barely write on it. Don’t misunderstood me, I barely tweet in French so why would I do most in English ? What was I thinking ? Getting more readers with it ? Maybe it could have work if I do have a lot of followers but let’s face it, I’ve purely and simply failed on it.

I do have some followers who have nothing to do with my blog, at least not that I know and I have to tell it I’m truly very grateful to every one who’s following me !

Few days ago, I had the feeling that I should do something about it, something that don’t need me to write a lot.

So I’ve decided to do a Twitter / Instagram Project !

Every day or at least almost every day, I will publish a photo on twitter. It could be about something that I’ve seen in the street, a place where I’m standing.

Simply a moment of my life that I will capture with my Iphone 3Gs using Instagram app.

Métro Ligne 1 / Saturday, December 02 : 3pm


Opéra Garnier


Rue du Petit Pont, Quartier Latin


So if you’re curious about it, I invite you to look at for my Instagram’s work here :

or follow me to my Instagram’s account : Chroniquesdizzie !

What about you ? Are you an Instagram’s user too ?

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Hello everyone !!

I’m back at home from my holidays in the south ! That’s it, the sky is cloudy, the air is heavy, heavy of humidity, no doubts, I’m really back in Paris after such lovely and great journeys !

Now there is so many things to do, cleaning up, tidy up, unpack all my clothes and all my gifts that I take back from Italy and Nice.

I still do have to arrange and organize my new sewing / crochet’s space in my bedroom ! My mother gave me her sewing machine, an old Singer 237 that she did not used any more. The sewing machine is in a little furniture, that is very convenient specially when you can’t put it on the table.

The furniture looks like this one without the extra table on the left.

She gave me too lot of beautiful buttons and wools…

Yes so many things to do and don’t worry, I don’t forget you !! I have taken more than 1004 photos, now I have to organize and work on it to show you them. So this week, I will start by the beginning, the first days in the family country house in Draguignan !

Let’s keep tuned !

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Dear people of WordPress, I have a word to tell you about this theme.

I like it, I really do. If not I wouldn’t choose it for my blog. But I do think there is some defaults about it too! It need to be change, to be fix and then it will be perfect or almost, let’s face it, nothing is perfect in life!

 1: The Resume about the Theme Option !

It was hell to find how to put sticky post on the features area !! Well excuse me to not be inner for the editing section, I do my best. I couldn’t understand how I could put it there and I had to look at for the information for about more than 15 minutes in your help section ! Yes 15 minutes wasted to not understand a such simply element! Why does it so complicated to find the relevant information among all the Theme Options section ? OK you will tell me that you could find it in the Theme Showcase page but when you’re looking for a new theme, you don’t go there but in your dashboard – Appearance – Themes section, am I right ?

2: The Features box

Why just don’t you tell in the resume about the theme that to put a sticky post in the feature section you have to do it in the Posts section and then selected in the Publish area :

Visibility Public – Stick this to the front page” ! You see, that simple !

3: The Updates

 Yes same thing !! I have to look at for the help section to understand that I had to select ASIDE (After the featured Images box down to the right of the editing page) in the post section to put it in the update box in the front page. Another element who could have been easily explain in the Theme Options but not ! You can only choose to use it or not but not how to publish it !

Then now, could I suggest you some options who could be lovely and really helpful to improve this theme.

Let’s talk about the Front Page ! Because let’s face it, it’s mostly about the front page…

– The resume or full content Post option ! –

Until now, nothing extraordinary, I mean you can choose between Full content or resume like in other else theme right ?! But there is something wrong… Yes the resume is just so short, 3 or 4 lignes, are you kiding me ?! Why can’t we adjust it ? Making him a little bit more long ? Why can’t we select ourself the numbers of words or lines we want to publish as a taste of the post.

This one is way too short to really attract new readers, don’t you think ?

– So now comes the problem number 2 about the The Features box –

If I’m choosing the Full Content Last post option, that is great because it gives a taste of your blog and let’s face it, most of time, included me, readers enjoy to read the posts directly on the front page and not having to select the post…

So I’m choosing this option, right ! But why oh why do you publish full content of the Features post as well ? What If I just want to have a resume about the Features ?! Because after all isn’t it for this reason that you create the features ? To give a look to others posts ?

So would it be possible to select this apart from the last post ? Like an independent section ? Full Content Last post and Resume for the Features section ?! That would be terrific !!!

– What about the readers ?! –

Why does the writing have to be so small ? I can’t really say that’s really comfortable for the readers…

Can’t we just add some point to the font ? That would be great to our eyes !!

This way we could have a nice and attractive front page and if new readers like our blog, he / she could have the choice or not to read the features of his / her choice !
The editing of the front page would be clean and lovely and the this theme would become more easely one of the most popular theme…

So what do you think ?! Will you perfect this theme or not ?!

Edited Post :

I would like to thanks Panos for all his explainations about this Theme and WordPress ! I could improve my home page with his help ! If you’re wondering the same questions as me, go to read the comments following. If you got others issues with your blog, I strongly recommend you to visit his blog. Maybe he will have the answer and could help you too ! 

Hopefully there is some bloggers like him to help us !

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I’ve thought a lot lately:

Thought about my back, about my work, about another work that I could do, about reading, about opening or not a new blog in French about murder books, about opening again my old French blog… Not that I’ve really closed this blog at time, in fact, I’ve just stopped to write in it. Just like I’ve explain in the beginning of this blog, I wasn’t satisfied about my French “columns”. Too messy, too superficial, not enough interesting, not enough funny and I can go on over and over !

Then yesterday something just stroke me. My column wasn’t really the problems, actually, I’ve written a couple of really good posts. Some of them are still popular, like the one about the Employment Office or some columns have just been unexploited like the ones about how to explain some old French expressions or about the books.

I wanted at time to write everyday and I wasn’t very patient enough to have some real good readers following me. I was far away to be an outsider in the French blogosphere but deeply in me, I was dying to become one too ! To have a nice little blog, reading by so many people with lots of comments to all my post, just like some top ten French bloggers ! And in another way, I couldn’t really write in it anymore because I was feeling block. Block by the people who actually reading it, like my family members, my mother and brother ?!

I wanted this blog to be mine but in some way, my mother just find it and knowing that I was read by my mother and my brother was a little bit scary to me. I didn’t like it and I couldn’t be really me neither. That’s sound stupid now that I’m putting it black on white on paper my screen but that’s true. I’ve never been really close to my mother and even less from my brother so I was just like petrify to write, to expose myself to them. I began to lose inspiration first then just the will to write.

But yesterday I’ve taken a decision, I’m gonna write again in my old French Blog (2 years in October) and because I didn’t write anything in it in more than 6 months means that maybe my family won’t read it again… I hope but even if they did, I don’t care because now I will be writing about interesting things like my path to find another job !

And who cares about the top ten French Bloggers ? Not me, not anymore. I’ve been back to this blog yesterday and I’ve noticed how bad was their blogs in did ! They got a nice design yes but the topics, the posts ? They are writing about everything without explaining nothing at all. It’s mean-less. How could they be so loved anyway ? That’s a mystery.

And then I’ve just realizes something more important, I have readers ! Good ones ! Some readers who came to read my blog even months after they stopped to write, they were coming back and was happy to read from me ! So yes for this readers, I’m gonna start to blog again in French ! But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that I will stop writing in English…

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