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It’s been so long since my last post ? Really ? Oh My God !! Time is really passing so quickly this month or is it me ?

Lately my days are divided this way :

Job’s research, sending resume and letter to possible futur employer.

Reading books !! My Godmother offer me some French thriller to read and I’m really enjoying it.

Blogging in French (Les Chroniques d’Izzie) about my job’s research adventure and believe me, there is a lot to write about ! It’s quite difficult to explain it in English because the French Employment Office is, how could I say that, special ! Yes, special is the word….

Seeing my friend, going to the movie.

Knitting in the evening. That’s a great way to relax and to free your mind of any problems or negative thoughts.

And of course : Opening a new blog !! Yes, I know what you’re going to write me. A new blog but you barely write on this blog so how could you keep 3 blogs open ?

And you were quite right but not worry, I’m not going to close this blog, not at all ! In fact, the new blog is about my knitting project ! I want to keep it simple and elegant : Some photos, 2 or 3 lines of text and that’s it ! I didn’t want a lot of talking or anything. Just to show my projects and that’s it.

And the best of it ? My blog is in French AND in English ! So you can keep an eye on it too ! So if you’re interested, here’s the URL :

Izzie Knits : This pieces that are me

I hope that you will like it !


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I’m not going to publish some photos of my “blood” family but from people who are for me another family.

I would like to introduce you to this lovely group of woman who teach me how to knit and crochet. We meet each other every Saturday morning in a Starbucks Coffee in Paris, near Opera Garnier. I won’t miss this meeting for anything, we always have such lovely and pleasant time !

Next week, we will organise a Christmas swap, that means, every one will knit an item for one people from the group but we don’t know who ! I don’t know how to explain it but we all will leave with a knitting present !

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And I have done lot of things instead of blogging !

Swimming, aqua-gym, personal branding or whatever you call it, sewing, knitting and crocheting… As you read it, I’ve been busy.

So instead of trying to make amend of not having blogging anything in about 2 months, I’m going to show you what I’ve knit and crocheting since this september because I have done something like 9 projects ! Ok that’s not such a complicated projects but still, I’m pleasing myself so much with this new activities that I’ve decided to offer some home-made presents for X-Mas this year !

Ok, I’m stopping to write now, it seems that I’m not really very good to express myself with words today. So here’s some photos instead. It will be better to show you my work than just trying to explain you what I did.

Le Foulard Caresse

This one is my first real crochet’s project. I’ve used a yarn called : Angel from Debbie Bliss. It’s made with 76% of super Kid Mohair and 24% of Silk, a real cloud of softness around my neck ! After wearing only once, it already took the smell of my perfume and don’t let you fool but the little hole because I’ve made it with natural fiber, this scarf is really warm !

Lovely Autumn Mittens

This is my first knitting project ever ! I love this little mittens / arm Warmer because of their softness !!

I used a Malabrigo Lace yarn, 100% Merino wool. This yarn is hand dyed and I totally love their colour variation

I can’t get out without wearing it ! I can’t be more proud about this project specially when you know that I couldn’t find any pattern of fingerless mittens in lace. So I’ve created this pattern to shape perfectly to my hand and arm. It was quite simple to do in fact and I’m going to make some others to some friends too !

Origami Snood

I really love this one because it’s really a quick project to crochet (only 4 hours) seamed in Möbius and this is a such warm, soft, lovely yarn hand dyed by a lovely japanese woman with plants coming from her garden !

It’s made with an 100% Mohair wool, hand dyed with Daisies plants. I love this colour, so bright-full ! I’ve bought 2 others skeins of her yarn, different colours of course, one made with Eucalyptus and another one with Garance Indian, both such a wonderful natural colours ! With the days getting colder, I’m happy to have this cowl to protect me from the cold.

Ok, I have to stop now or I will show you all my finished projects ! I should keep you some for the next posts !!

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Two days ago came to me a crazy idea. What if I made my home made hat in crochet ? I know that could be so old fashion or more like a grand mother activities but it seems like lot of young girls / woman are doing it too now and the patterns are really become more and more modern too ! So let’s do it !

I told you that I’ve got a crazy idea, specially that I’ve never did any crochet of my life, not even a single pattern in knitting ! Well I do remember my Grand mother trying to learn me the basic of the knitting when I was young, very young but I never actually made more than few ranks.

Then a couple of days, I thought it might be nice to try to do some patterns who could be useful and fun to do, like scarf, snood, hat or some patchwork’s plaid !

I had some yarns that I bought a couple of years ago never touch thought but I missed the hooks or the needles. What did I have some yarns without hooks or needles ? Well at time, I thought to do some wool’s pompom for my cat, obviously I never made it… (When I told you that I’ve got some crazy idea)

So I bought a couple of hooks and one pair of needle to this huge yarns / tissues store in Montmartre plus one lovely easy book about crochet. There is some very lovely pattern for beginners like me to do inside. So let’s do it !

Of course, the yarns that I’ve got is not a very beautiful one or expensive one, so that’s perfect to learn !! This way I won’t waste any good quality wools.

I’ve practiced the basics of the crochet since by making some lines and I’ve tried my firsts patterns yesterday. My boyfriend gives me an idea : Why will I not make a blanket for my cat ? We need it one anyway ? So now I’m working on this project, create a little plaid made with “old america grannies”.

Here’s what I’ve done so far :

Not too bad for a beginner ?! And more in detail my last unfinished one :

I know, I still have a lot of work to do to finish my little project but I’m in a good way don’t you think ?!

What about you, are you a Crocheter or a Knitter ?


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