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I do have a twitter account even If until now, I haven’t really tweet anything yet. I do have publish the link of my posts but I have to tell you the truth : WordPress did it for me !

I don’t know why I opened this account considering the fact that I barely write on it. Don’t misunderstood me, I barely tweet in French so why would I do most in English ? What was I thinking ? Getting more readers with it ? Maybe it could have work if I do have a lot of followers but let’s face it, I’ve purely and simply failed on it.

I do have some followers who have nothing to do with my blog, at least not that I know and I have to tell it I’m truly very grateful to every one who’s following me !

Few days ago, I had the feeling that I should do something about it, something that don’t need me to write a lot.

So I’ve decided to do a Twitter / Instagram Project !

Every day or at least almost every day, I will publish a photo on twitter. It could be about something that I’ve seen in the street, a place where I’m standing.

Simply a moment of my life that I will capture with my Iphone 3Gs using Instagram app.

Métro Ligne 1 / Saturday, December 02 : 3pm


Opéra Garnier


Rue du Petit Pont, Quartier Latin


So if you’re curious about it, I invite you to look at for my Instagram’s work here :

or follow me to my Instagram’s account : Chroniquesdizzie !

What about you ? Are you an Instagram’s user too ?


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Today is the Day !

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday.

Don’t worry, I’ve found the perfect gift and I know that it will please him a lot. I’m kind of torn between telling you right now or waiting to give him first. Well in one way, I’m pretty sure he won’t read my blog today because he will be too busy to catch his plane from Casablanca to go back home and to work or to have some rest once arrived.

Ok, ok, I’m a weak girl, I’m going to tell you but only you. So don’t tell him anything !

Last year, my boyfriend travelled in China and he really loved this country. I know that he has been to the 3 Gorges Dam area and is really concerned about the environmental and humans catastrophe who happened to this place. I could try to explain you but I’m pretty sure that this article is doing it better than I will.

So few months ago, we went to this bookshop that we love and there was this beautiful book about China’s Three Gorges Dam that he found. At time, he didn’t buy it. He wanted to have a look to see if the photos were beautiful and the text interesting but it was wrapped  up into plastic bag so he just left it where he found it.

But yesterday, I’ve been to the bookshop and I found it ! I was really lucky, only one left there. So this time, I could have a look of the content and I know that he will like it. Exactly that he’s looking for reading a photo book.

Now, I just can’t wait to see him open his birthday’s present !!

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Yesterday it was my sister in law’s birthday.

I don’t why, I thought it was today instead of the yesterday ! So now, I’m in a total rush about having the amazing birthday’s present to send her. In fact, I have no idea at all !

I thought about knitting a quick knitting project like a little cowl or a beanie but I’m afraid it will take more than a day (I have to buy the goof yarn for the good pattern) and it’s without thinking about all the X-Mas gift that I haven’t even start so for this too, I’m in a real rush !!

I was thinking about sending her some scrapbooks’ tools or anything like that, but I don’t know what she will be use, what she already have or you know what she will really like to have ! It’s even worst because I don’t know her much ! I mean, we only see each other maybe once or twice a year for the last 4 years. It’s only since this summer that we find out that we both love to knit and to sew, by the way, she already have all the tools that she needs.

Plus I have to admit, with a kind of shame actually, that I do have exactly the same problem to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend’s birthday too !! His birthday will be in about 2 weeks. It’s even less easy that he just blew out the only idea that I’ve got so far… Let me explain, I thought to offer him a lap cover for his scooter but one day, he came back home and telling me that he just bought one ! Damned here’s my only idea just flying away and he’s really not helping me, well you know as a none talking person, he would not even gives me some clues…

Ok I saw you coming, you will write me that I still offer myself for a great night of wild sex for his birthday, jumping out of a big cake in a really sexy outfit singing “Happy birthday to you mister president my love” but come on !! That will happen anyway, ok maybe not the jumping out of the cake part but you understand me, plus we don’t need to wish one of our birthday for the sex part, thank Lord ! Hum I guess, I have to dig deeper inside my brain to find him another present !

Damned, why is it always so complicated to me to find the perfect birthday’s / X-mas’ present to my friend or family ? I’m really not good at this game. Some people are just gifted for this question, they always have the great idea who would make all the difference ! Why am I just the one who never have any idea at all ?!

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Hello everyone !!

I’m back at home from my holidays in the south ! That’s it, the sky is cloudy, the air is heavy, heavy of humidity, no doubts, I’m really back in Paris after such lovely and great journeys !

Now there is so many things to do, cleaning up, tidy up, unpack all my clothes and all my gifts that I take back from Italy and Nice.

I still do have to arrange and organize my new sewing / crochet’s space in my bedroom ! My mother gave me her sewing machine, an old Singer 237 that she did not used any more. The sewing machine is in a little furniture, that is very convenient specially when you can’t put it on the table.

The furniture looks like this one without the extra table on the left.

She gave me too lot of beautiful buttons and wools…

Yes so many things to do and don’t worry, I don’t forget you !! I have taken more than 1004 photos, now I have to organize and work on it to show you them. So this week, I will start by the beginning, the first days in the family country house in Draguignan !

Let’s keep tuned !

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I don’t know next time I will write a post for the next couple of weeks because tomorrow, I’m leaving Paris for some holidays !

Finally I can get some too !

So tomorrow is the big Day, my boyfriend, my cat Cannelle and I will go ahead right to the South of France. We will drive first to Draguignan in Var to my family country house to meet my parents and my grand mother ( First time that my boyfriend will meet my family !!! ) and then we will drive to Nice. A quick stop to “drop” my cat to my parent’s apartment and to have some rest for a day or two.

Just a day or two because once in Nice, you are so close to the Italy that it will be a shame to not go there ! So we were thinking about going in Toscana (Tuscany) to visit Firenze and other great place like Pisa… By the way, I knew a little village around Firenze where you could by amazing cheap leather’s bag / gloves… I have to go back there again !!

© Peo Pea

We thought to stay there for about 4 or 5 days and then to go back in Nice and enjoying the beach, the mountain around… Well to move in the “country” !

Of course we will take a lot of photos !! (With the Canon EOS 5D of my boyfriend because my Canon EOS 1D is tooooooooo big and tooooooo heavy…) I will post some as soon that I will come back or will have time in Nice !!

Anyway, I will come back to Paris around the 22 of August because bf has to pack his back for his in coming tour of a month in Canada and USA (East coast)…. Damned, I want to go with him too !!!!

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Two days ago came to me a crazy idea. What if I made my home made hat in crochet ? I know that could be so old fashion or more like a grand mother activities but it seems like lot of young girls / woman are doing it too now and the patterns are really become more and more modern too ! So let’s do it !

I told you that I’ve got a crazy idea, specially that I’ve never did any crochet of my life, not even a single pattern in knitting ! Well I do remember my Grand mother trying to learn me the basic of the knitting when I was young, very young but I never actually made more than few ranks.

Then a couple of days, I thought it might be nice to try to do some patterns who could be useful and fun to do, like scarf, snood, hat or some patchwork’s plaid !

I had some yarns that I bought a couple of years ago never touch thought but I missed the hooks or the needles. What did I have some yarns without hooks or needles ? Well at time, I thought to do some wool’s pompom for my cat, obviously I never made it… (When I told you that I’ve got some crazy idea)

So I bought a couple of hooks and one pair of needle to this huge yarns / tissues store in Montmartre plus one lovely easy book about crochet. There is some very lovely pattern for beginners like me to do inside. So let’s do it !

Of course, the yarns that I’ve got is not a very beautiful one or expensive one, so that’s perfect to learn !! This way I won’t waste any good quality wools.

I’ve practiced the basics of the crochet since by making some lines and I’ve tried my firsts patterns yesterday. My boyfriend gives me an idea : Why will I not make a blanket for my cat ? We need it one anyway ? So now I’m working on this project, create a little plaid made with “old america grannies”.

Here’s what I’ve done so far :

Not too bad for a beginner ?! And more in detail my last unfinished one :

I know, I still have a lot of work to do to finish my little project but I’m in a good way don’t you think ?!

What about you, are you a Crocheter or a Knitter ?


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I’m enjoying my full access to my laptop today !

My parent will go to Scotland in holiday next week, so before going to the north, my parents are visiting me ! My mother arrived a couple of days from now and my father will arrive in the afternoon.

That’s good but I have forgotten just one point about my mother, she’s addict to internet, she’s so a geek ! She can’t live without a computer. When she’s at home, she is all the time behind a screen, on forums / website or I don’t even know what…

Yesterday, I couldn’t get out from my home because I didn’t feel well, not a big deal it happens sometimes. But instead to go in Paris and to visit the city, my mother just stayed at home with me or I should say, she stayed behind my Macbook on internet all day long with me sitting on my couch, reading a Connelly’s book and sometime watching a tv show ! I couldn’t even touch my laptop because she was like stuck to it !

Funny isn’t it ?! I do remember when I was teenage where my mother was yelling on me to make me shut down my computer. She couldn’t understand why I stayed so long behind the screen. Then now, the role have changed… I’m the one yelling at her because I can’t understand why she just can’t leave the computer even to enjoy a dinner in family…

Yes that’s right, she just leave the dinner to go behind her computer…. true !! Alright, my father eats slowly that’s a fact. Most of time, my mother has already finish the dessert when my father is still eating the main plate, but instead of waiting for him / us, she just leave the table to go behind the computer… True story !!

I mean, I love internet and my laptop you see, but not as much than her ! I don’t know what she is doing exactly… She’s on Facebook, reading and writing on forums and waiting for her (virtual) friends to write her back… yes ok but all day long, really ? That’s a mystery to me !!

Can you believe that to keep this blog away from her, I had to play really smart!! Changing my email, not linking my French blog or vice versa to hide from her, to not allowed her to know the name of this blog… Yes because she is really looking for any information about me on the internet and now about my boyfriend too… Creepy isn’t it ?!  When I told you that she was a geek, a real nerd !!

One thing is sure, if you would tell me when I was teenager that one day, I will be the one fighting against my mother about internet…. Humm I would have laughed so loudly !!

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