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Today is the Day !

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday.

Don’t worry, I’ve found the perfect gift and I know that it will please him a lot. I’m kind of torn between telling you right now or waiting to give him first. Well in one way, I’m pretty sure he won’t read my blog today because he will be too busy to catch his plane from Casablanca to go back home and to work or to have some rest once arrived.

Ok, ok, I’m a weak girl, I’m going to tell you but only you. So don’t tell him anything !

Last year, my boyfriend travelled in China and he really loved this country. I know that he has been to the 3 Gorges Dam area and is really concerned about the environmental and humans catastrophe who happened to this place. I could try to explain you but I’m pretty sure that this article is doing it better than I will.

So few months ago, we went to this bookshop that we love and there was this beautiful book about China’s Three Gorges Dam that he found. At time, he didn’t buy it. He wanted to have a look to see if the photos were beautiful and the text interesting but it was wrapped  up into plastic bag so he just left it where he found it.

But yesterday, I’ve been to the bookshop and I found it ! I was really lucky, only one left there. So this time, I could have a look of the content and I know that he will like it. Exactly that he’s looking for reading a photo book.

Now, I just can’t wait to see him open his birthday’s present !!


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When my boyfriend is cooking, you can be sure the kitchen will looks like if a hurricane enters and mess it all, everything seems to be upside down, the cooking space is just like a huge battle field and I don’t even mention all the dishes… you’ve been braved into the battle field my friends, we will never forget you for your sacrifice.

What about me ? Well believe my words of wisdom, I’m perfect. My kitchen stays the same as it should be all the time, completely clean and everything in his perfect order… How do I do ? Well truly simply I should say… I don’t cook ! What a better way to keep it clean right ? Ok sometime it might happened to me to cook a little something… but a quickly, simply one you see, does prepare a mixed salads means cooking for you ? No I’m joking right, sometimes I’m really cooking but not often, you see, since I’ve my boyfriend in full-time at home, the kitchen is not my kingdom any more, it’s his ! I mean if I daringly try to enter in to the kitchen when he is cooking, he leads me nicely but firmly to the exit.

You don’t have nothing to do in the kitchen when I’m cooking, Kitchen is a dangerous place for you to be ! GET OUT !

If one day, someone would told me that I would be fired from a cooking space, I would never believed him/her ! My grandmothers ever told me that it was important to know how to cook if I wanted to keep a man at home… I mean, does the women are not supposed to get the monopole of the kitchen ? Are we not supposed to know how to cook some delicious meal to our men ? Well not any-more, at least not in my home….

The problem is, how will I do to eat or should I say survive when he will go away on tour for a entire so long month next week ? Arghh I can barely think about it, I’m always complaining about the mess he does everyday but now I will miss this mess !! Yes I will beg for this mess again ! He made me addict to him just with his cooking’s skills… Ok maybe not just his cooking’s skills… But still OH MY God, I’m screwed ! Guess that is working for men is also working for women right ? It seems that I’m the perfect exemple right ?!

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This week I’ve made something that I’m not used to. I’ve told my parents that I was “no longer single” !

Yes I’ve done it and believe it or not, it was a really tough thing to tell them, well ok, maybe not tough in that way but at least quite difficult for me. I’m not really close to my parents, not that much. I never talk them about men that I’ve dated or about really personal matters. That’s a fact, we’re not that close but anyway well that it is ! That’s why I’ve got my friends, to talk to them about men / relationship or anything close to a relationship…. 😉

So pick up my phone and telling them than I was in a relationship was not so easy. I really was like a little girl who didn’t know how to tell them a simple thing : ” Mom, dad, I have a boyfriend and yes it is a serious relationship ( if it wasn’t, I would not even talk to you about him !! ) ” Humm not that easy in did, specially when they made me repeat this twice !! Did they really pretending not having heard the information and did they want to be sure of what I was telling them at this moment ? Just like “Humm does she tell us that she was not longer single !? Really, It is happening after more than 3 years without any relationship, did a miracle happened !!!” or was it because I did not speak clearly ? Humm who really knows, not me that is for sure !? Of course once they had the knowledge of this information came a lot of questions like ” What’s his name ? How old is he ? What is he doing in his life ? How long have you been together ? Where is he coming from ? Is it serious ? Do you have a photo to show us ?…. ” Ohhhhh stop it with the questions !!! That’s a way too much for me right now… Take it easy please for the God sake ! Is the information of me not being single anymore isn’t enough for the moment ? So ok maybe I can try to answer to the basic ones but not much…

That’s funny because the first thing they told me few days later that phone call was ” We’re really happy to know that you’re not single anymore….” Really ? Did I look so desperate as a single woman ? No wait in fact, They were desperate for me !! Of course, it can only be this explanation. Thinking about it, when they were my age, my parents was already married, got my elder brother  and my mother was “waiting” me, but it was a different generation too, things wasn’t the same neither right ? But still, I can’t remember them acting this way with my brother neither….

Anyway, I know that it’s just the beginning, there will be a lot of questions to come about my boyfriend !! Everything is to know  what would it be next ??!!… 🙂

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Love Sweet Love

Love Sweet Love

I know that you’re all waiting for it but today, I will not talk to you about my job !

Not Today, I would like to talk to you about something more personal, not that my job is not personal or at least a very big part of my life, but this is not the greatest news of my life for now and not the only thing that puts a smile on my face….

I’m Happy !!! For the very first time of my Life, I’ve not being alone for the St Valentine’s day. Yes that’s sounds crazy but until now, I’ve spent this day alone or single. But things change lately, I’m not single any more, that’s a really strange feelings for me right now, because I can’t put away this stupid smile on my face, you know  the same one that makes me feel a little bit stupid, a teenage girl again, just like if I always was on a little cloud very high in the sky, in my own little word in fact !

You know I’ve talk to you about Rudy, he’s working with me… Well I guess working more than 14 hours together every day for months gets much closer than just co workers at the end… I can’t really described you what I feel right now, just that I’m feeling so great with him, I didn’t feel this way for a very very long time, actually, I don’t even know if I ever feel this way before… Sometimes it kind of scary me a little bit because this is all new and I’ve been single for almost 3 years now, I’m not used to be with someone taking care of me this way. But the other way, I just want to be with him all the time !

Don’t worry, I’m still going out to see my friends without him, blogging, doing that I used to do before because I think, so do him, that keeping my activities is really important for the balance of our relationship.

Yes my life is really changing for good… I guess 2011 is the year of changes !

New Blog, New Job, New Love, New Life… What will be next ?! 🙂


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