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Update #4

I am currently thinking about a Traveller’s tips post section about London, Paris and the south of France called “An Unusual Guide“. I want to do this category as best than I can. So I have to think seriously about it and that can take some time right ?! Don’t worry I’m not going to disappear for a while, that just mean that I’m not going to publish a post today !

Stay tuned for the next !!


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Thanks to Panos, I could add some music to my primary widget ! This way you could listen a track of my choice while you’re reading a post ! Isn’t great ?!

So if you want to know how to do that, let’s go to read his post “Inserting Grooveshark audio players” right away. I will be glad to listen a music that you like too !

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Update #2

I’ve published my Book list 2011 ! You could find the page linked in the navigation menu ! Don’t hesitate to recommend me some books too, I will be glad to read it as well.

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Update #1

I’m trying a new theme, what do you think ? Do you like or not ?

Does the fact you have to click on the post to read it bother you or not ?

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