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I’m living in a city called Saint Ouen, a small city near Paris but it’s still a city. I’m living so close to Paris than I just need to walk for 15 minutes to be in Paris. It’s far away from the country fields, from big park, green trees and very small town where everyone knows everyone. So to humanize the city, in order to get to know our neighbours, we create the “Neighbour’s Party” !

And guess what ?! Today it’s the Neighbour’s Party !

La fête des voisins

The Neighbour's Party

But what is exactly a Neighbour’s Party ? It’s quite simple, every year since 11 years now, an association decide to help people to get to know their neighbours. They made some leaflets that you can put in your neighbour’s letter box or you can just put a note on your front door to invite them to have some drinks or a dinner at home, quite simple isn’t it ! (And then I’ve not seen neither of both in my building…)

Some neighbourhood can organize a big table where everyone just bring some drinks and food in the streets in order to share their food’s specialities and having a good time together. It’s a really nice opportunities to get to know your neighbours and really a nice moment to share too. That’s really funny to see that we have to organize this kind of event to speak to our neighbours.

Most of time, the rest of the year, you barely say hi to your neighbours ! I have to admit that I maybe known (from sight) maybe 3 of my neighbours in the building (on maybe 7 neighbours). I’ve never met my neighbour’s next door ! Only once the one living one floor upper ! Yes that’s unfortunately but when people are moving in, they organize a party to invite their friend but never their neighbours…. That’s too bad because if you got a real big health problems or just need some sugar or whatever you want when every grocery shop is closed…, you can’t wait for your friend to come, but you always can ask to your neighbours… well you have to know him / her first of course… ouch !

Will I go to the neighbour’s Party tonight or will I organize one to my place ? Well I wish I could… but I’m stuck to my home and I can’t really received people at home… I can’t cook, I can’t really stay in a sitting position a long time or standing up one’s ! Never mind because next year I could take part and enjoyed it too ! 🙂

I was wondering, do you have Neighbourhood’s party too where ever you are in the world ? What do you think about it, do you like it ? Do you take part too ?


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Monday, my back was still hurting so much that I’ve been to the Doctor. His prognosis wasn’t very good… prolapsed intervebral disc ! Ouch !! I had to stop to work for at least a week, staying at home to have some rest but in staying active (in other words, not staying in bed… ) Waiting to see a better doctor, I have to find how to fulfill my day… No need to be much more worried for now until haven’t seen a rheumatologist !!

So what could you do when you can’t really go outside because walking is really painful but not staying in bed because this is not good for you neither ?

Reading !! That’s funny because in less than 2 weeks, I’ve read 3 books, I’ve just start my 4th book yesterday ! Hopefully I always keep 4 or 5 books unread in advance at home ! Well… unfortunately for me, I will have to go to the libraries soon to fulfill my personal’s one !! I have no more books left anymore. Lately, I have to admit that I love to read thrillers !

When I’m not reading, I’m watching some TV Shows… Grey’s Anatomy, House Md, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist…. yes I know there is a lot to watch at the end !

Or I’m playing to some Video Games. I’m not such a Video Game’s person ! I’ve always find this cute little interactive puzzle on my computer to play. It’s called Machinarium, that is quite very simple and short game but most of it, I love the graphics ! Look at yourself !


MachinariumThe story is really lovely and you can’t do anything else than helping this little robot to be with his girlfriend. Anyway, I’ve finished it already even if I’m not a really into video games… I’ve told you, this game is really short 17 different shots or something similar…

So maybe I will try to play to Zelda on Wii…. Who knows !?

What about the rest of the day ? Well, my cat is enjoying to stay with me and I’m enjoying to stay with my boyfriend too !! I really have to admit that I have the best boyfriend ever, why am I telling this… humm I will tell you soon, now it’s time for me to read a little bit ! 😉

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Two days ago, Scriptor Obscura and Inside Journeys reward me the Versatile Blogger Award !! I can’t described the surprised that I felt, this is the first time ever in my blogging time (in French and English) that I’ve been nominated for a such lovely and beautiful award !! So thank you again Scriptor Obscura and Inside Journeys ! 🙂

Now comes the hard part. Here are the guidelines for accepting this award:
1. Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

Humm which 7 randoms things am I gonna share with you ?

1. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become an helicopter pilot ! I wanted to join the army, the ALAT (Aviation légère de l’armée de terre) school, in order to learn to pilot !! I saw “Top Gun when I was 5 years old and I’ve fallen in love with F14 TOMCAT… I knew that I couldn’t pilot Mirage 2000, so I wanted to pilot helicopters instead… unfortunately, I had eyes problems around 15/16 !! So this dream just fall apart !

2. My longest relationship with a men was with…. my physiotherapist !! I had to wear an orthopaedic corset for more than 4 years so I had to go to the physiotherapist to practice particular movements to help me to have a better back’s musculature. Then after I had knee’s problems… so here comes my physiotherapist again ! 11 years…. I called him by his first name, he called me “Bichette” (Buffy) !!

3. I love to swim, the sea is my element ! I love to chase the fish and to observe the them in the sea… I can’t stay lying on the beach like everyone else. I have to go to swim and diving, just enjoying this moment as long that I can ! There is no better feeling then to feel the water all around me!

4. I’ve been an assistant camera / focus puller for more than 6 years, I worked on commercial films and music video on 35mm and HD camera. I like this job but not enough any more to have fun, so I rather quit it instead of not being happy about it ! If I did not quit it, I would not have met my Boyfriend !! 🙂

5. When I first study English, I did not like very much this language. The teacher wasn’t very good and I was boring during his classes. I’ve started to love English when I was 16 ! I had such a great teacher then called Paul ! He encouraged me to watch movie in Original version, to read English’s magazines, Books, piece of theatre ! I will always remember him !

6. I can’t eat Beefsteak ! I’m not a beef eater ! That’s nothing to do with a believing or something that’s just I don’t like this meat ! I never could eat it, even when I was 2 years old… I can’t explain it

7. First time I’ve been eating to MacDonald’s was when I was 16 with friends of mine ! My parents didn’t want me to go in this fast food because they didn’t like this kind of food (they still do not like fast food !). So the first time that I’ve been there, I didn’t know how to order… My friends had a lot of fun about it ! What a deception when I realized that almost everything was with beef ! 😉

The Versatile Blogger Award must be passed to 15 others bloggers, so here they are, in no particular order !

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Hope you will enjoy the reading as much than I do !

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Biquette the small boat from Nice

Biquette, The small Boat from Nice

There is some particular little fishing’s boat in Nice and his area called “les pointus“. Why this named ? Just because of their particular sharp’s shape . There is not many boast like this anymore and I really think this is a shame but there is less fisher man too. You will only find this kind of small boat in the south of France between Marseilles and Italia. Of course there is similar small boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

But today I wanted to write about Biquette. I saw it near Nice on the beach as you can see it on the photo. This one is particular because as you can see it, there is some palms firmly attached to the front of the boat. Why this palms ?

One week before Eastern’s week-end, Palm Sunday is celebrated. During this Mass, you can bring your Palms or Olive branch according where you’re living to the morning Mass and it will be blessed. This way they’re will be blessed to bring you happiness and protection for all the year to come. This is not really much used now because most of the people do not go to the Mass anymore. And I have to admit this is the first time in my life that I see Palms firmly attached to a Pointu !! So I wanted to share this little picture and story with you.

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It’s been 2 days that I’m in Nice, my hometown, for holidays. I’m staying to my parents only 4 days, unfortunately I can’t stay longer because of my work. So I’m really enjoying every moment !

It’s really shiny and hot here ! It’s just like it was already the Summer, even is not the same than in Paris. All the clothes in the store are in white, light Colors…

I like being here specially that I need sunlight !! I love to Walk on the “Promenade des Anglais” and feeling this particulary smell coming from the sea. I do love to sit in front of the sea and reading a good book or just staring at it. That’s funny because when I was still leaving here, I did not notice it anymore, I mean I knew that it was there, no need to see it. I guess that was completely normal.

I would like to write more about it or to show you some photos, but i’m writing from my iPhone and I do not have my laptop with me… You Will have to be patient !! 🙂

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