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Nov. 18th, 2011 – Feb. 19th, 2012



Izzie Knits

It’s been so long since my last post ? Really ? Oh My God !! Time is really passing so quickly this month or is it me ?

Lately my days are divided this way :

Job’s research, sending resume and letter to possible futur employer.

Reading books !! My Godmother offer me some French thriller to read and I’m really enjoying it.

Blogging in French (Les Chroniques d’Izzie) about my job’s research adventure and believe me, there is a lot to write about ! It’s quite difficult to explain it in English because the French Employment Office is, how could I say that, special ! Yes, special is the word….

Seeing my friend, going to the movie.

Knitting in the evening. That’s a great way to relax and to free your mind of any problems or negative thoughts.

And of course : Opening a new blog !! Yes, I know what you’re going to write me. A new blog but you barely write on this blog so how could you keep 3 blogs open ?

And you were quite right but not worry, I’m not going to close this blog, not at all ! In fact, the new blog is about my knitting project ! I want to keep it simple and elegant : Some photos, 2 or 3 lines of text and that’s it ! I didn’t want a lot of talking or anything. Just to show my projects and that’s it.

And the best of it ? My blog is in French AND in English ! So you can keep an eye on it too ! So if you’re interested, here’s the URL :

Izzie Knits : This pieces that are me

I hope that you will like it !

Happy new year!!


Happy new year to you and your family !!
I wish you all the best for 2012 and I hope that all your dream Will come true.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 8,100 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I’ve been blogging in French yesterday and now my post is in the main page of the society French kind of blog loving platform named Hellocoton. It’s just if, in the wordpress world, I have been published in the Freshly Pressed news !

See looks : that’s the blog about Besson and EDF (Eric Besson the French politician do not misunderstood with Luc Besson the French movie’s director).

What was my post about ? I’m going to tell you.

I don’t know if you heard / read about it but Monday morning something really serious happened in France.

Greenpeace activist invade 4 different nuclear plant sites in France (Nogent sur Marne, Blayais, Cadarache and Chinon) put some banners in the site then just wait to be found by the any authority available (military /cops / security agent’s or GIGN the French Swap, pick your choice !!)

They just break in and hide and well, I’m really afraid to tell it, wait a long long time (5 hours) to be found ! Yes 5 hours !!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Eric Besson (Minister of Industry) just told the press :

Maybe they could do it, but I’m really surprised because our Nuclear plant sites are really safe and protected and that’s something we have been a lot criticised about.

EDF (The French Electricity company) says:

No one was in the sensitive part of the installations. They knew that it was Greenpeace, so some pacifist’s activists and that the site didn’t risk anything but to every moment they knew where they were….

Ok so if they knew where they was, why did it took them 5 hours to find them ? How could they know that it was just pacifist’s activists ? So because there is Greenpeace write down their clothes, you just let them in ? How safe is it ? Why if they were terrorists ? What if they wanted to damage the sites ? Create a catastrophe ?

Did you know that Greenpeace already invade nuclear plant site in France in 1997 ? That happened once before !! So how could 9 non trained activists pass the security so easily and could stay hide in the site so long when something like that happened already in the past ? They were just nurse, working in the informatics, more than 50 years old for some of them, not practicing any sport for most of them.

No I’m afraid to not feel safe in my country anymore, to have a stupid and non efficient government who’s more interesting to keeping their privileges than trying to keep the people safe and protected. So yes I’m really pissed off and I thought it deserve to be told to the world !

I really do hope that French people will react and actually do something about it, I do hope that we all try to change what’s happening in our country. I do hope…

I do have a twitter account even If until now, I haven’t really tweet anything yet. I do have publish the link of my posts but I have to tell you the truth : WordPress did it for me !

I don’t know why I opened this account considering the fact that I barely write on it. Don’t misunderstood me, I barely tweet in French so why would I do most in English ? What was I thinking ? Getting more readers with it ? Maybe it could have work if I do have a lot of followers but let’s face it, I’ve purely and simply failed on it.

I do have some followers who have nothing to do with my blog, at least not that I know and I have to tell it I’m truly very grateful to every one who’s following me !

Few days ago, I had the feeling that I should do something about it, something that don’t need me to write a lot.

So I’ve decided to do a Twitter / Instagram Project !

Every day or at least almost every day, I will publish a photo on twitter. It could be about something that I’ve seen in the street, a place where I’m standing.

Simply a moment of my life that I will capture with my Iphone 3Gs using Instagram app.

Métro Ligne 1 / Saturday, December 02 : 3pm


Opéra Garnier


Rue du Petit Pont, Quartier Latin


So if you’re curious about it, I invite you to look at for my Instagram’s work here :

or follow me to my Instagram’s account : Chroniquesdizzie !

What about you ? Are you an Instagram’s user too ?

Today is the Day !

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday.

Don’t worry, I’ve found the perfect gift and I know that it will please him a lot. I’m kind of torn between telling you right now or waiting to give him first. Well in one way, I’m pretty sure he won’t read my blog today because he will be too busy to catch his plane from Casablanca to go back home and to work or to have some rest once arrived.

Ok, ok, I’m a weak girl, I’m going to tell you but only you. So don’t tell him anything !

Last year, my boyfriend travelled in China and he really loved this country. I know that he has been to the 3 Gorges Dam area and is really concerned about the environmental and humans catastrophe who happened to this place. I could try to explain you but I’m pretty sure that this article is doing it better than I will.

So few months ago, we went to this bookshop that we love and there was this beautiful book about China’s Three Gorges Dam that he found. At time, he didn’t buy it. He wanted to have a look to see if the photos were beautiful and the text interesting but it was wrapped  up into plastic bag so he just left it where he found it.

But yesterday, I’ve been to the bookshop and I found it ! I was really lucky, only one left there. So this time, I could have a look of the content and I know that he will like it. Exactly that he’s looking for reading a photo book.

Now, I just can’t wait to see him open his birthday’s present !!

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