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I’ve just realize that’s been a long time since my last post ! I’m truly sorry about it.

I was quite busy this last months and honestly, I didn’t know what to write about and was worrying about finding a new job and what to do at this point of my life.

In few days, I will turn 30 years old and I still don’t have found a new job ! I was applying for some production assistant / manager jobs in movie’s or documentary’s production but I never had any answer. So I’ve changed my mind, try to work for Event’s agencies, my profile fits but I do not have the network. Damn!

So here comes the last solution, going back on “school” again, oups, that’s tough to accept. So ok, here I go but I have to do an adult professional training and that’s not so easy to find and worst, what should I do ? I mean, there is some adult professional training but not something that I will love.

It takes me months to “know” and even then, I’m not so sure that I will “love” it like I loved my previous job. Well, I don’t have any choice isn’t it, I have to deal with my hernia and to work. So when I decided that I could maybe like to be a Community Manager and why not, study HTML5 et CSS 3 to maybe change later into a Web designer.

That’s exactly when I made out my mind about it that I get this job interview for a production manager in a little young films agency that I would love ! They are doing a lot of international films, Ecologist activist, well exactly what I like. Well I still don’t know if I will be hired or not, the job interview will be the 20th of July, so let’s cross our fingers about it !

So lots happened but not so much neither, plus once I’ve blogged in French about all of this, I didn’t want to talk about it in English… I don’t know, maybe because I have said what I wanted to and no need to go back again here about it. I’m not sure if I’m very clear about it ?

Well anyway, I think I’m going to do some effort and to post more often, maybe not every week (I don’t even post that much on my French’s blogs) but at least once in a while every months.


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I’ve been blogging in French yesterday and now my post is in the main page of the society French kind of blog loving platform named Hellocoton. It’s just if, in the wordpress world, I have been published in the Freshly Pressed news !

See looks : that’s the blog about Besson and EDF (Eric Besson the French politician do not misunderstood with Luc Besson the French movie’s director).

What was my post about ? I’m going to tell you.

I don’t know if you heard / read about it but Monday morning something really serious happened in France.

Greenpeace activist invade 4 different nuclear plant sites in France (Nogent sur Marne, Blayais, Cadarache and Chinon) put some banners in the site then just wait to be found by the any authority available (military /cops / security agent’s or GIGN the French Swap, pick your choice !!)

They just break in and hide and well, I’m really afraid to tell it, wait a long long time (5 hours) to be found ! Yes 5 hours !!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Eric Besson (Minister of Industry) just told the press :

Maybe they could do it, but I’m really surprised because our Nuclear plant sites are really safe and protected and that’s something we have been a lot criticised about.

EDF (The French Electricity company) says:

No one was in the sensitive part of the installations. They knew that it was Greenpeace, so some pacifist’s activists and that the site didn’t risk anything but to every moment they knew where they were….

Ok so if they knew where they was, why did it took them 5 hours to find them ? How could they know that it was just pacifist’s activists ? So because there is Greenpeace write down their clothes, you just let them in ? How safe is it ? Why if they were terrorists ? What if they wanted to damage the sites ? Create a catastrophe ?

Did you know that Greenpeace already invade nuclear plant site in France in 1997 ? That happened once before !! So how could 9 non trained activists pass the security so easily and could stay hide in the site so long when something like that happened already in the past ? They were just nurse, working in the informatics, more than 50 years old for some of them, not practicing any sport for most of them.

No I’m afraid to not feel safe in my country anymore, to have a stupid and non efficient government who’s more interesting to keeping their privileges than trying to keep the people safe and protected. So yes I’m really pissed off and I thought it deserve to be told to the world !

I really do hope that French people will react and actually do something about it, I do hope that we all try to change what’s happening in our country. I do hope…

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heat waveToday is not really the day or you want to get out. It’s damned to hot to get out ! For weeks now, it was cloudy, rainy and mostly cold days for the season but not today. A really hot wind coming right away from Sahara is hardly striking the country. 36°C or should I say about 97° Fahrenheit… It’s like living in an oven right now.

So I’ve applied the same technique I did too when I was still living in the south of France. I’ve closed all the shutters, windows and curtains very late this night, actually before the heat will rise early this morning to keep my apartment the coolest that I can. So yes, I’m staying in a dark apartment, well I do have some sun lights coming into it but not as much that if my windows was opened right ! And I have to admit, it’s working ! For ever it worth it, my place is cooler than outside, I do not suffer from it and I can move without to be shattered !! That’s the best thing I can do about it and as soon as I don’t have to go outside, I will stay here until it will cool down a little bit outside.

You know, the funny things about it, my cat is not trying to stick me ! Nope, she’s rather to lay on the floor away from me or any source of heat ! For once she will not try to put herself between me and my MacBook !! I’m gonna enjoy it….

Well I guess I will go to the grocery in the evening, just before it will close when the sun will be down… But not now, no no no, now I’m just gonna read a little bit and drinking lot of cool water ! Yep, we never think enough to keep hydrated in this moment !

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Well I have to admit this last couple of weeks have not been the best of the year. I can easely resume it this way:

  1. Trying to get an quick appointment with a a rheumatologost
  2. Reading to killing time between calls
  3. Finally getting an appointment after 5 days of calls !
  4. Waiting to see the doctor and reading
  5. Finally going to see the doctor
  6. Have to wait one more week without painkiller to know how I feel now
  7. Going back to the doctor
  8. Going better but I can’t carrying weight anymore.

So yes I’m recovering and I will going better but if I don’t want to have a surgery in the next years, my rheumatologist strongly recommend me to not carrying weight anymore, so to strongly think about changing job.

Well he did not tell me to change job exactly but to think about what kind of job I could do in theatre without carrying heavy things… And honestly, have you ever seen lot of stage manager who do not carrying weight, do you ? Because I don’t… Plus, they already take the decision they do not needed me at my work. So no more job for me in this theatre / music hall…

so what's next ? So honestly, I’m feeling a little bit down right now. I’ve the feeling to be to the exact same point than a year ago, except maybe than now I’m living with my awesome boyfriend. I’ve just changed career and now I’m here wondering the same questions again….

What will I do with my life ? What should I do, what would I love to do ? What can I do as career ?

That’s really not easy specially when you have a cinema degree ! What the hell can I do with an art degree in this world ? How could I expect to change job when in France it’s already difficult when you have the good degrees to get a job, so what about now ? Why everything is just so complicate in this country to change career ? Nothing has been made to change career here, if you don’t have the proper degree in whatever it is, you don’t even get an interview ! And when you have the good degrees and get finally a chance with an interview, they don’t choose you because you’re too young – old – inexperienced – too experienced – not enough fighting – too fighting – too confident – not enough confident* and so on ! Crazy isn’t is ? It’s just like if you don’t have the right to change career and expect to have a successful career at one point in your life.

So yes, now I’m just wondering what will I become next ? What will I do ? Go back to school at 29 years old ? Can I really do this ? I mean, school is so long behind me, I need to work, to earn my money or how could I pay my rent ! Maybe finding a training or something for adult but what kind of training and how much will it cost ? So many questions and so few answers ! I can’t count with the employment office about their help, they just told me to put me as invalid person (so I will not in charge of the employment office !). What !??! I can’t do this!! Having a hernia does not make you as an invalid person ! And what next ? How could I get a job with this invalid state upon my head, write in my file ?! No one would ever hire me for good.

So yes now I’m a little bit lost, wondering a way too many questions and I don’t have any ideas where I should start and mostly how I should do it ? Do you have any advice to help me to change career ? Have you ever needed to change it ?

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Two days ago, Scriptor Obscura and Inside Journeys reward me the Versatile Blogger Award !! I can’t described the surprised that I felt, this is the first time ever in my blogging time (in French and English) that I’ve been nominated for a such lovely and beautiful award !! So thank you again Scriptor Obscura and Inside Journeys ! 🙂

Now comes the hard part. Here are the guidelines for accepting this award:
1. Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

Humm which 7 randoms things am I gonna share with you ?

1. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become an helicopter pilot ! I wanted to join the army, the ALAT (Aviation légère de l’armée de terre) school, in order to learn to pilot !! I saw “Top Gun when I was 5 years old and I’ve fallen in love with F14 TOMCAT… I knew that I couldn’t pilot Mirage 2000, so I wanted to pilot helicopters instead… unfortunately, I had eyes problems around 15/16 !! So this dream just fall apart !

2. My longest relationship with a men was with…. my physiotherapist !! I had to wear an orthopaedic corset for more than 4 years so I had to go to the physiotherapist to practice particular movements to help me to have a better back’s musculature. Then after I had knee’s problems… so here comes my physiotherapist again ! 11 years…. I called him by his first name, he called me “Bichette” (Buffy) !!

3. I love to swim, the sea is my element ! I love to chase the fish and to observe the them in the sea… I can’t stay lying on the beach like everyone else. I have to go to swim and diving, just enjoying this moment as long that I can ! There is no better feeling then to feel the water all around me!

4. I’ve been an assistant camera / focus puller for more than 6 years, I worked on commercial films and music video on 35mm and HD camera. I like this job but not enough any more to have fun, so I rather quit it instead of not being happy about it ! If I did not quit it, I would not have met my Boyfriend !! 🙂

5. When I first study English, I did not like very much this language. The teacher wasn’t very good and I was boring during his classes. I’ve started to love English when I was 16 ! I had such a great teacher then called Paul ! He encouraged me to watch movie in Original version, to read English’s magazines, Books, piece of theatre ! I will always remember him !

6. I can’t eat Beefsteak ! I’m not a beef eater ! That’s nothing to do with a believing or something that’s just I don’t like this meat ! I never could eat it, even when I was 2 years old… I can’t explain it

7. First time I’ve been eating to MacDonald’s was when I was 16 with friends of mine ! My parents didn’t want me to go in this fast food because they didn’t like this kind of food (they still do not like fast food !). So the first time that I’ve been there, I didn’t know how to order… My friends had a lot of fun about it ! What a deception when I realized that almost everything was with beef ! 😉

The Versatile Blogger Award must be passed to 15 others bloggers, so here they are, in no particular order !

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Hope you will enjoy the reading as much than I do !

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Biquette the small boat from Nice

Biquette, The small Boat from Nice

There is some particular little fishing’s boat in Nice and his area called “les pointus“. Why this named ? Just because of their particular sharp’s shape . There is not many boast like this anymore and I really think this is a shame but there is less fisher man too. You will only find this kind of small boat in the south of France between Marseilles and Italia. Of course there is similar small boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

But today I wanted to write about Biquette. I saw it near Nice on the beach as you can see it on the photo. This one is particular because as you can see it, there is some palms firmly attached to the front of the boat. Why this palms ?

One week before Eastern’s week-end, Palm Sunday is celebrated. During this Mass, you can bring your Palms or Olive branch according where you’re living to the morning Mass and it will be blessed. This way they’re will be blessed to bring you happiness and protection for all the year to come. This is not really much used now because most of the people do not go to the Mass anymore. And I have to admit this is the first time in my life that I see Palms firmly attached to a Pointu !! So I wanted to share this little picture and story with you.

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What I like about a cliché, it’s that is a cliché ! I have a lot of foreign friends and we were talking about all the little clichés about France. Actually I think some of them are really pretty funny and some of them well they are not so far way from the truth…

So here’s the top #5 clichés from my friends, not always in this same order according to my friends are coming from ! 😉

Cliché #1 : French are always in conflict with everything, most on time on strikes and they are pretty much suffering of laziness….

Well not every one is suffering of laziness, just people working in the administrations, it takes a very long time to get a simple signature and all your file done… or people working in the French railway industry or the “RATP” the French underground company in Paris… ok, they are on strikes too often and we all have enough of them ! (But just between you and me, I think I’ve found worst than the RATP, The London’s tube ! :)) Sometimes the airports or the planes companies too, the teachers as well… I think I can see the rest of the world point, it really begins to be a long list !! Ok then, maybe we are in conflict quite often and on strikes too, but not everyone in France, not all the companies and for what I know, there is a lot of hard-worker people in France, well actually when we aren’t in holidays ! 😉

Cliché #2 : French have always a French Stick / baguette, a cheese and a bottle of wine with him or to his home.

Well, that’s a fact, we like good food, good wine, good bread, and smelly / stinky cheese ! By the way, more a cheese is smelling funny / bad / even stinky, better it will be… yes of course, it could be strange for people not used to, but it’s delicious, really specially with a good glass of wine and a very good bread, that is not so easy to find now, good bread I mean, not good wine. I have to admit that I have just bought today to the grocery a French Stick and a cheese but no wine… Damned, I’m so Frenchy ! As I’ve already said, nobody is perfect right ?! 

Cliché #3 : French are wearing beret and a white and navy blue striped jersey.

We do have lot of others hats to wear not just French beret. Actually, we don’t really wear it any more, fashion have changed since WWII ! Personally I do like hat and I’m wearing some almost every day during the winter, most of time I switch between my Stetson cap, Kangol’s cap or some others fashion’s hat ! About the white and blue navy striped jersey, don’t ask me why but it’s very fashionable this year ! You can find it in every fashion shop… when fashion is catching up a cliché !!

Cliché #4 : French people are smelling bad, they barely know the existence of the soap and they use perfume to cover their bad-smelling…

All right I suppose this was right some centuries ago but seriously ? We do take showers every day, we love soaps and shampoos and we’re washing our clothes after wearing it one day… Yes we’re pretty much alike ! Oh and when we are wearing perfume it’s only because we do love the smell of a perfume instead of the common soap that we use 😉

Cliché #5: French woman are really elegant.

Do you really think or maybe you want to talk about the Parisian woman ? Wow, well thank you ! But this is not the case all the time, we do have our bad looks and are not perfectly well dressed all the time. Go and have a look in the Parisian metro or simply everywhere else in France but Paris, you will see some very good specimens of bad taste too ! Oh and about French manicure, none of my friends’ got one…. 😉

What about the others clichés ? Well I can’t really remember them, oh yes of course, do we eat snails and frogs ? I can only speak for myself but I think I’ve tried “les cuisses de grenouille” (Frogs legs) once and I really didn’t like it. Ok I like snails sometimes but only if it’s really well cooked but it’s not something we ordinary eat, same thing about eating wild boar ! Maybe if you’re living in the country side and that you’re a hunter, you will be more able to ear wild boar more often, but we are still far way from Asterix and Obelix

If you’ve got some other clichés about France or any others country to share, don’t hesitate let a comment !!! 🙂

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