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Will you see this glass half full or half empty ?

That’s a fact, purely and simply the true.

We are pessimist from nature, always looking to the bad happening to us and not the good. We are particularly good to failed in our professional life and not to allowing ourself to be finally happy and to get what we really want. We just use some stupid and crazy excuses like: there is no way that I can do this, this is too complicated / crazy / dangerous / stupid / impossible*.

It’s really occurred to me while I was doing my personal branding with a group of 6 others people. Most of the people present there were doing it because they had to be fired first of their jobs, even if they hated it, to begin to ask themselves the good questions. Is that job was really good for me ? Am I happy in my life ? Am I doing what I want ?

Well of course, I wasn’t exactly in the same situation because I was doing a job that I loved but I can’t do it anymore because of a prolapsed disc (hernia) but mainly because when I wasn’t happy with my previous job (assistant camera in the cinema), I just quit and changed it ! What it seems completely crazy for French people to do ! Why this ? Just because I’ve lost a job situation, a kind of stability and mostly because I won’t have to ask myself what would be the future for me. Well now, I have to find something else that I would like to do but that is another story.

The more crazy / stupid* thing is to stay in a job situation that not makes you happy but even worst that you makes you feel sick / stressed / depressed* !!

Every one around us just telling us, from an unconscious way that we can’t do what we want, we couldn’t achieve it ! We are just programmed to fail. If we succeed in our life that must be because we used our connections, we were really very lucky or pay some people to get what we wanted*.  But never because we were working hard to get what we really wanted in our life !

We just can’t succeed, that’s non-French !

And this state of mind begin in school when we are kids. If we have suddenly one of the best score of a test in school, that’s not because you were working hard at home to study it but because you were cheating ! True story ! Even worst, one of my French teachers breaks me down in front of all the class because she couldn’t accept that I’ve written alone a home work’s essay, no for her it was too good to be my paper, it has to be my parent’s essay ! Yep that’s right !! So instead of having a good score and some compliments, I’ve been humiliated in front of everyone and got a really bad score ! What was the result of it ? Well I’ve been writing the next essays to “fit” to her bad student’s standard, that means a way down my owns ! I guess in her mind, a girl would not spend her time to read books on her spare time instead of watching TV. That’s quite sad isn’t it ?

Yes we are programmed to failed, to be unhappy and to communicated our depressed feelings in some kind of way.

Take this simple example, someone who is simply happy in his / her life, smiling will make others jealous of him / her ! The morning, instead of telling something nice and lovely when we meet someone, we just kiss on the check, barely tells a “good morning” and every one is going to do his / her tasks of the day. No compliments, no nice words !

Where are the positive and lovely thoughts to share with others ? Does one person happy and optimist will not pass her happiness and good state of mind to her entourage ?

Why we, French people, are not good to this ? Why are we so pessimist instead of being such lovely and optimist people ?

* Delete where inapplicable


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Let's push the Blog Button !

Let's push the Blog Button !

Yes this is another blogging post 😉 Let me tell you why I love to write / blog in English !

The French blogger community is not working in the same way that English one’s and then I didn’t really enjoy to write any more. Most of time French people do not like read much, that’s a fact, we don’t read much newspaper, so why do they like to read blogs instead ? Here’s an example, take the Metro Newspaper that you can have for free in the London’s tube. It’s big well not so much if I do listen my English fellows, but it’s something like 100 pages, ok there is a lot of commercials inside it but still 100 pages ! Take the same French Newspaper ” Metro” or “20 minutes”, the same kind of newspaper… except that it’s smaller and it’s just a less of 50 pages’ newspaper. We (French people) don’t buy much newspaper any more but we read them on the web, when we are reading them…

How does it affect the blog’s community ? In a very simple way, if we don’t like to read newspaper, why would we love to read blogs that are supposed to be fun or useful most of time ?! Information and fun yes, but in a short way please !

So if you do look at the French blogs, if they’re not about politics or economics subjects, you will not see long text in the blog post ! In fact, more long will be your personal post, less readers you will have ! The most successful bloggers have usually very few text in their post, even if they look big, look at it carefully. Why this, because everything is about packaging ! The text has to be very clear, lot of space / colours / Bold texts / Police’s size / photos… Put all this together and the text will not be so long after all.

Plus to get lot of readers, you must have a very nice, lovely layout ! Most or time it will be a unique layout with a lovely design. Yes we do love beautiful blogs and we are attracted to them even if the content is not so interesting after all. Ok sometime it could be some exceptions but most of time, it’s not.

So what about the French blogger community ? I can’t say there is really a community. There is Hellocoton, it’s a the same kind of community that Bloglovin, but most of time, the top 10’s blog will always be the same, the popular’s one ! They got a such lovely life… they are invited to some lovely press party like Elle’s magazine’s parties every year, they got a lot of advantages like to get some free products / make up / cooking products and so many others that I can’t even imagine. Yes they do have all this things because they are popular ! They can talk about this products / brand in their blogs, organized some challenge to get a set of tea* for free and so on !

So as you can imagine now most of the posts are challenges or worst, a new version of advertising’s post… Bloggers are writing about a pen* and they will be paid about it… Oh not much of course, that’s the companies who are delighted by such almost free commercial spot !

Oh and the new fashion now is that the newspapers like ” Elle’s magazine / home design’s magazines….” are blogging and you will find them of course in the “Hellocoton’s Freshly pressed top ten” ! What the Hell ?! I thought blogging was for non professional writers first ?! Was I so wrong ?

I’ve almost forget to talk to you about Wikio ranking ! This ranking will tell you how popular you are in the French blogging’s community, and as you can guess it, more popular you are, less you want to be replaced by a new blogger ! So how do you stay popular, when definitely not to linking or pingbacking others new blogs because more publicity you will do them, less you will stay on the top. Yep that definitely sound like to be in High school again.

So of course you can have some readers, but very few comments… ( to get more than 10 / 20 comments to a post as I had this week, you have to be already very popular ! ) Why are they shy about posting comments ? Who cares to have an unknown blogger reading your post when you want to be popular ? Of course you like to be read, but you will see 2 categories : the top 10 and the others who are trying so hard to be noticed by the top 10 and to catch their attention, it’ll take lot of time… Or you have to be very brilliant which I obviously I’m not because I never managed to even be an outsider !

Of course they’re not all like this, some of them are the exceptions and I do have my little group of blog buddies too but this is my feelings as a French blogger.

So why do I love to blog in English then ? Just because the English spoken blog’s community is not the same ! First they are blogging all around the world so it would be very difficult to rank this community right ? And then, they do like to read ! Actually, they used to read much more, and everything is not about the packaging or a beautiful layout but really about how interesting is a post !

They care about contents and for me this is such a relief because as you can see it, I do write a lot !

So thank you to read this post to the end, it’s such a small victory for me every time. Thank you too for being so friendly and welcoming, It gives me the will to post again and for this reason, I do more enjoying to blog in my second language now ! I guess that is such a surprise for me that I still can’t believe it….

* This is an example 🙂

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What I like about a cliché, it’s that is a cliché ! I have a lot of foreign friends and we were talking about all the little clichés about France. Actually I think some of them are really pretty funny and some of them well they are not so far way from the truth…

So here’s the top #5 clichés from my friends, not always in this same order according to my friends are coming from ! 😉

Cliché #1 : French are always in conflict with everything, most on time on strikes and they are pretty much suffering of laziness….

Well not every one is suffering of laziness, just people working in the administrations, it takes a very long time to get a simple signature and all your file done… or people working in the French railway industry or the “RATP” the French underground company in Paris… ok, they are on strikes too often and we all have enough of them ! (But just between you and me, I think I’ve found worst than the RATP, The London’s tube ! :)) Sometimes the airports or the planes companies too, the teachers as well… I think I can see the rest of the world point, it really begins to be a long list !! Ok then, maybe we are in conflict quite often and on strikes too, but not everyone in France, not all the companies and for what I know, there is a lot of hard-worker people in France, well actually when we aren’t in holidays ! 😉

Cliché #2 : French have always a French Stick / baguette, a cheese and a bottle of wine with him or to his home.

Well, that’s a fact, we like good food, good wine, good bread, and smelly / stinky cheese ! By the way, more a cheese is smelling funny / bad / even stinky, better it will be… yes of course, it could be strange for people not used to, but it’s delicious, really specially with a good glass of wine and a very good bread, that is not so easy to find now, good bread I mean, not good wine. I have to admit that I have just bought today to the grocery a French Stick and a cheese but no wine… Damned, I’m so Frenchy ! As I’ve already said, nobody is perfect right ?! 

Cliché #3 : French are wearing beret and a white and navy blue striped jersey.

We do have lot of others hats to wear not just French beret. Actually, we don’t really wear it any more, fashion have changed since WWII ! Personally I do like hat and I’m wearing some almost every day during the winter, most of time I switch between my Stetson cap, Kangol’s cap or some others fashion’s hat ! About the white and blue navy striped jersey, don’t ask me why but it’s very fashionable this year ! You can find it in every fashion shop… when fashion is catching up a cliché !!

Cliché #4 : French people are smelling bad, they barely know the existence of the soap and they use perfume to cover their bad-smelling…

All right I suppose this was right some centuries ago but seriously ? We do take showers every day, we love soaps and shampoos and we’re washing our clothes after wearing it one day… Yes we’re pretty much alike ! Oh and when we are wearing perfume it’s only because we do love the smell of a perfume instead of the common soap that we use 😉

Cliché #5: French woman are really elegant.

Do you really think or maybe you want to talk about the Parisian woman ? Wow, well thank you ! But this is not the case all the time, we do have our bad looks and are not perfectly well dressed all the time. Go and have a look in the Parisian metro or simply everywhere else in France but Paris, you will see some very good specimens of bad taste too ! Oh and about French manicure, none of my friends’ got one…. 😉

What about the others clichés ? Well I can’t really remember them, oh yes of course, do we eat snails and frogs ? I can only speak for myself but I think I’ve tried “les cuisses de grenouille” (Frogs legs) once and I really didn’t like it. Ok I like snails sometimes but only if it’s really well cooked but it’s not something we ordinary eat, same thing about eating wild boar ! Maybe if you’re living in the country side and that you’re a hunter, you will be more able to ear wild boar more often, but we are still far way from Asterix and Obelix

If you’ve got some other clichés about France or any others country to share, don’t hesitate let a comment !!! 🙂

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