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During this so cold Siberian winter, there is some things that I really regret :

Regret of the sun, regret of the light and this golden landscape of Toscana, Italy


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Cinque Terre, Italy

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Hello everyone !!

I’m back at home from my holidays in the south ! That’s it, the sky is cloudy, the air is heavy, heavy of humidity, no doubts, I’m really back in Paris after such lovely and great journeys !

Now there is so many things to do, cleaning up, tidy up, unpack all my clothes and all my gifts that I take back from Italy and Nice.

I still do have to arrange and organize my new sewing / crochet’s space in my bedroom ! My mother gave me her sewing machine, an old Singer 237 that she did not used any more. The sewing machine is in a little furniture, that is very convenient specially when you can’t put it on the table.

The furniture looks like this one without the extra table on the left.

She gave me too lot of beautiful buttons and wools…

Yes so many things to do and don’t worry, I don’t forget you !! I have taken more than 1004 photos, now I have to organize and work on it to show you them. So this week, I will start by the beginning, the first days in the family country house in Draguignan !

Let’s keep tuned !

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I don’t know next time I will write a post for the next couple of weeks because tomorrow, I’m leaving Paris for some holidays !

Finally I can get some too !

So tomorrow is the big Day, my boyfriend, my cat Cannelle and I will go ahead right to the South of France. We will drive first to Draguignan in Var to my family country house to meet my parents and my grand mother ( First time that my boyfriend will meet my family !!! ) and then we will drive to Nice. A quick stop to “drop” my cat to my parent’s apartment and to have some rest for a day or two.

Just a day or two because once in Nice, you are so close to the Italy that it will be a shame to not go there ! So we were thinking about going in Toscana (Tuscany) to visit Firenze and other great place like Pisa… By the way, I knew a little village around Firenze where you could by amazing cheap leather’s bag / gloves… I have to go back there again !!

© Peo Pea

We thought to stay there for about 4 or 5 days and then to go back in Nice and enjoying the beach, the mountain around… Well to move in the “country” !

Of course we will take a lot of photos !! (With the Canon EOS 5D of my boyfriend because my Canon EOS 1D is tooooooooo big and tooooooo heavy…) I will post some as soon that I will come back or will have time in Nice !!

Anyway, I will come back to Paris around the 22 of August because bf has to pack his back for his in coming tour of a month in Canada and USA (East coast)…. Damned, I want to go with him too !!!!

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It’s been 2 days that I’m in Nice, my hometown, for holidays. I’m staying to my parents only 4 days, unfortunately I can’t stay longer because of my work. So I’m really enjoying every moment !

It’s really shiny and hot here ! It’s just like it was already the Summer, even is not the same than in Paris. All the clothes in the store are in white, light Colors…

I like being here specially that I need sunlight !! I love to Walk on the “Promenade des Anglais” and feeling this particulary smell coming from the sea. I do love to sit in front of the sea and reading a good book or just staring at it. That’s funny because when I was still leaving here, I did not notice it anymore, I mean I knew that it was there, no need to see it. I guess that was completely normal.

I would like to write more about it or to show you some photos, but i’m writing from my iPhone and I do not have my laptop with me… You Will have to be patient !! 🙂

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