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During this so cold Siberian winter, there is some things that I really regret :

Regret of the sun, regret of the light and this golden landscape of Toscana, Italy


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It’s not my use to not feeling happy about something or to want to write about it, but today I feel this is the moment to share this real annoying feeling.

Everything is going good in my new life except for one point, my job ! I do love that job and the people wich I’m working except one… The other guy who’s working on the light with me, the “Other”, the “Official light House manager”. He’s really treating me badly, with no respect for me and the only things that he lets me do is the “Focus”.

What the focus is about ? Well it’s about to climb the extension ladder at something like 14 ft to 16 ft high to move – “focus” the lights. Ok to climb the extension ladder is not a problem, I can do that but it’s more about the way how he talks to me. Instead of calling me by my name, is calling me ” The chinese” or ” the girl”…. Hummm not very respectful I think !! He never explain me anything or give me any information about what is he doing or what he planed to do… He “hired” a young intern girl and I didn’t even know about it, I’ve just discovered it when she introduced to me as a Light’s intern two days ago. I think he wants to make me fired by the “Boss”.

Because of this man and the “mood” in our “team”, I’m not enjoying going to my work the morning. That’s a shame because I like everyone else and I deeply like working in this Concert Hall. I think I’m going to talk about it to the “Boss” of the concert hall but in a certain way, I’m kind of afraid to lose this job because I need it too… I’m just like I don’t really know what to do and I don’t why but I’m loosing my way in front of this ugly man. And when I’m loosing my way, I’m getting like confused of everything and loosing too all my confidence… Argh that’s a terrible feeling !

What do you do when you’re feeling the same ?

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I don’t have time to write this last couple of weeks and it really missed me so much ! I couldn’t go to read your blogs, what is really a shame.

Tomorrow I will have a day off !!! At least, after 2 weeks without any days off, I could enjoy to watch a movie with a friend, cleaning and tidy up my home sweet home (I really have too unfortunately, I was too busy working from 8 am to midnight everyday or almost everyday…) and of course doing absolutely nothing ( except maybe writing a post to you) of my day ! Great !!!

Yes I’m working too today, the first artist tonight have just performed on stage and now I’m waiting for the main artist.

This is completely crazy here ! This young artist got so many fans ! All woman principally so watch out my ears, there is gonna have a lot of screaming tonight….. That’s funny because his got lot of teenagers girls as fan but lot of mid forty’s woman too as well ! Some of the girls where already sleeping in front of the main entrance of the Concert Hall at 1am this morning ( I had to close the “House” )

I think it can even be a little bit scary… We had to be very carefully about security all day because of the fans !

Ohh the show is about to start in less of 10 min now, this is the end of the change-over, I have to go.

Love to everyone !!!

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Hello everyone !

It’s 1 am right now and I can’t stop thinking about this such crazy week ! I don’t know how to start and I don’t even know if I could explain it… I just know that the boss want to give me the job of Lighting House manager at least until June ! Of course I’m not very experimented, still learning the job if I can say !

I will work every day until the 14th of February for what I know ! No days off at all I’m afraid ! hopefully I do have a good time working with the crew and specially with the “Sound master”, his console is just near mine, so we have a lot of time to talk and to tell jokes all the time. That’s really funny because all the girls in “Robin Hood’s musical” are into him ! Well I have to admit that he is a lovely men… So I’m calling him now ” Joli Coeur”… Every time he is blushing ! πŸ™‚

I will try one day to take some photos of the light / sound booth to show you where I’m working.

Ok it’s time for me to go to bed ! I will work at 12 am tomorrow ! πŸ™‚ Have a Great sunday !!

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Today have been a such strange day !

I have hosted the English theatre company, and helped them to create and record the light on the Grand MA a light console controller. They are really nice and the comedians are really talented. Today the piece of theatre was ” One Flew Over Coucou’s Nest”, Thursday they will play too “One missing coins” and Friday will start too “Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde”. Yes they will be playing 3 different piece of theatre during a couple of weeks !

Things have changed a lot today. Until now, I was working as an intern job so I was assisting the Light House manager / Light Master, but this afternoon, the light House manager just managed to not manage the light in the House anymore. I’m not sure to be very clear right now… So what happens to me ? Actually, I was promoted Light House Manager / Light Master instead of him !… Hum I kind of really stress out now, I’ve been welcoming bands and Lighting designer but not to be in charge of the place. That is completely different if I can say. Responsibility mostly and to mastering too the light console controller.

I still don’t know when the House light manager will come back or even if he will come back… So I guess for now, at least tomorrow, I will be the House Light manager ! OH MY GOD !!!!! I still can’t believe it !!

Well of course, I will no have much time at all to write… I don’t have computer in my work ( well not with words or internet anyway ) and I don’t even have a network to got 3G on my Iphone ! πŸ™‚ And for what I know, I don’t have any resting days for the next week… So I could not come to read your blog, but I will try to give you some news to talk to you about my work and about the English theatre company too ! πŸ™‚

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Today I’ve got some difficulties to write a real post. I’m kinda of running out of idea now and WordPress’ topics are not helping me. Usually they do but not today.

What do you want, it just happens ! Sometime you are inspired, some other not, plus I can’t properly concentrate. I can’t stop thinking that tonight I’m going out and will have some drinks with one of my English friend ! Finally I will be able to speak English for the first time since my London’s trip a couple of months ago !

But I have to admit too that I can’t turn off the music too!! So I would like to share with you a video about an alternative progressive rock band that I like.Β  The band is calling “Birdpen“, instead of being talented, all the members are so kind and nice ! How do I know this ? Well I do know them, we got friends in common and I’ve met them several times. Smiley aka James Livingston Seagull (the drummer) even teach me how to play Backgammon while we were killing time in the backstage ! πŸ™‚ Funny story about it, Smiley is coming from North of England and he also had a “strong north accent” (at least for me), so the first time he spoke to me, I had some trouble to understand everything but now that’s good, I’m used to hear it…

They are also members of the band called “Archive” (All the photos in the dressing room that you will see in the video are from Archive).

I would like so much to work with them, lighting them on stage because that is my job, to be a light designer, a light console controller on live show.Β  So maybe one day who knows !? Next time I will see them (the 26th), I will talk to them about it !! πŸ™‚

Here’s the video of Birdpen ! Enjoy it !


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