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That’s funny how we can get connected to the others bloggers who are coming often to comment your own blog, or another word, your blog buddies !

Time is passing and never mind if I can’t read their blog every day, if I comment their post every time, I’m still reading their blog as much as I can and sometimes, I really have the feeling to really getting to know them. The writing style can help me to define what is their personality, what kind of person is to the other side of the screen. I like to read their news, to exchange comments with them, create a kind of special link between us, to know if they are going good specially when I don’t have read anything about them for a few days or weeks or when some extraordinary events happened to the other side of the world where one or two of your blogging buddies are (Cocomino, Summerfield84). How can’t you get worried about them ?

Of course they’re is some bloggers who just don’t have much time to write, so they barely publish a post a month ( it happens to me quite often) but usually they are coming back in a couple of weeks to tell that everything is ok now or to explain why they were absent. Just like did Tea Cup and Cake yesterday. But sometimes they are people who just disappear…

ClassyRose or “Things In Life I find Annoying” was the first one who came to me with my new blog. She introduce me to another some great bloggers ( PIP, Spellbound…). Everyday she was coming to read my posts, commented them, even liked them and I know how it was encouraging for me to keep going to write ! Yes writing is not easy for someone who’s not used to write (specially if it’s not your mother tongue). I liked to read her writings too, she was sharing so many good advises to everyone, helping a lot of bloggers, not specially me but so many people !! With her blog, I could easily imagine her as a very nice smiling and beloved woman and then one day, she just stop writing. That’s not just like her, she did not answer to any of us comments or emails so yes we all became really worried about her because to not knowing what happened is really scary. She never would use to let us without telling us, I know she was true in her blog, true with others bloggers. She was entire, she didn’t like people playing to pretending someone else with their blog, playing / fooling them…  So no it doesn’t sound like her at all when she just doesn’t give us any news at all.

Yes I’m still worrying about her and I like to think she would come back one day and give us some news about what happened ! I really do hope too and I’m sure I’m not the only one to hope it.

So yes, blogging is much more about writing some stories, it’s to get in contact with other people from all around the world too. How could you read or write a blog, hoping exchange with others bloggers without involving them in a kind of way to your life ? I guess that’s not really possible right ?!


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Two days ago, Scriptor Obscura and Inside Journeys reward me the Versatile Blogger Award !! I can’t described the surprised that I felt, this is the first time ever in my blogging time (in French and English) that I’ve been nominated for a such lovely and beautiful award !! So thank you again Scriptor Obscura and Inside Journeys ! 🙂

Now comes the hard part. Here are the guidelines for accepting this award:
1. Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered blogs.
4. Drop them a note and tell them about it.

Humm which 7 randoms things am I gonna share with you ?

1. When I was a little girl, I wanted to become an helicopter pilot ! I wanted to join the army, the ALAT (Aviation légère de l’armée de terre) school, in order to learn to pilot !! I saw “Top Gun when I was 5 years old and I’ve fallen in love with F14 TOMCAT… I knew that I couldn’t pilot Mirage 2000, so I wanted to pilot helicopters instead… unfortunately, I had eyes problems around 15/16 !! So this dream just fall apart !

2. My longest relationship with a men was with…. my physiotherapist !! I had to wear an orthopaedic corset for more than 4 years so I had to go to the physiotherapist to practice particular movements to help me to have a better back’s musculature. Then after I had knee’s problems… so here comes my physiotherapist again ! 11 years…. I called him by his first name, he called me “Bichette” (Buffy) !!

3. I love to swim, the sea is my element ! I love to chase the fish and to observe the them in the sea… I can’t stay lying on the beach like everyone else. I have to go to swim and diving, just enjoying this moment as long that I can ! There is no better feeling then to feel the water all around me!

4. I’ve been an assistant camera / focus puller for more than 6 years, I worked on commercial films and music video on 35mm and HD camera. I like this job but not enough any more to have fun, so I rather quit it instead of not being happy about it ! If I did not quit it, I would not have met my Boyfriend !! 🙂

5. When I first study English, I did not like very much this language. The teacher wasn’t very good and I was boring during his classes. I’ve started to love English when I was 16 ! I had such a great teacher then called Paul ! He encouraged me to watch movie in Original version, to read English’s magazines, Books, piece of theatre ! I will always remember him !

6. I can’t eat Beefsteak ! I’m not a beef eater ! That’s nothing to do with a believing or something that’s just I don’t like this meat ! I never could eat it, even when I was 2 years old… I can’t explain it

7. First time I’ve been eating to MacDonald’s was when I was 16 with friends of mine ! My parents didn’t want me to go in this fast food because they didn’t like this kind of food (they still do not like fast food !). So the first time that I’ve been there, I didn’t know how to order… My friends had a lot of fun about it ! What a deception when I realized that almost everything was with beef ! 😉

The Versatile Blogger Award must be passed to 15 others bloggers, so here they are, in no particular order !

  1. Hugmamma
  2. Meri Duniya alias Knot2share
  3. Teacup and Cake
  4. Nuggets and Pearls
  5. Being Me alias Indu Prakash
  6. Life in Kawagoe alias Mister Cocomino
  7. Piglet in Portugal
  8. Stephanie
  9. Mia
  10. Shreejacob
  11. Panicmonster
  12. ClassyRose
  13. Akshay
  14. Dillon
  15. Yuka Glenn

Hope you will enjoy the reading as much than I do !

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Last month I’ve began an interview and until now, I’ve still not finish to publish it now… What a shame !! Specially that Hugmamma have been such a wonderful and charming “virtual” friend to me lately !

I wish you could learn to know her as I do for this last month.

So let’s continue this interview right now. 🙂

4. What do you like to do to relax, or have fun?


Fun for me is blogging, because of my love for writing. Other than that, I love to watch old movies from the 50’s and before, as well as public television’s British Victorian mini-series. Reading biographies is another favorite past time. Visiting garden nurseries entices me to think of planting, especially in early spring when bulbs and blooms are for sale. Going to movies with my husband appeals to my romantic side, even though we’re senior citizens. Dating does get better with age. Just wish the energy to always be up for anything, was more like in our youth, when we were in our 50s. ha, ha.

5. What are your favorite childhood memories?

Going to the beach for picnics on weekends with my family. In the 1950s and 1960s, island beaches were more deserted than they are now that tourism has pretty much taken over the landscape in Maui. I loved playing in the water; I wasn’t much of a swimmer, still aren’t. Depending on where we went, we sometimes took along bamboo poles to fish. Lunch was always yummy, whether my mom packed it, or we bought Chinese chow fun noodles from a small “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant in Lahaina, if that’s where we were. Of course it’s no longer there, having been torn down decades ago to make room for progress.

6. What’s one thing you wish you could do if it were possible?

I wish I could be teleported anywhere, anytime. I’d love to travel more if I could just be “beamed up,” like in the TV series “Star Trek.” Airline travel these days is such a hassle, and it takes such a toll on me physically. Having to lift luggage onto security conveyor belts, and into overhead bins, is wear and tear on my body. I often need a chiropractic adjustment and/or a massage when I return home, to realign my body. Otherwise my upper and lower back are in chronic arthritic pain. My advice to you is travel while you’re young, however you do it, by plane, car or your own 2 feet.
Perhaps we’ve gotten to know one another a little better through our “double interviews.” Let’s stay in touch. Meanwhile, I wish you all life’s best “My Enlish Thoughts,” and I’ll be checking your blog periodically to see what you’re chatting about.
mahalo (hawaiian for “thank you) and aloha…and hugs…hugmamma.

Thank you so much for starting this Interview in the first part Hugmamma !! This is so much fun and I like to read that other Interview have been publish among “my” Blog Buddies ! Don’t hesitate to do it, this is a lovely way to get to know another blogger but to know you too !! 🙂

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Few days ago Hugmamma contact me to interviewed me. First I was surprised, I mean who am I to be interviewed… Just another blogger in the big Blogger World, plus because of my job, I don’t have much more time to write any more.

It’s kind of exciting on a certain way and that’s the opportunity too to get to know someone and then with the network, so many others people from all around the world ! Exactly that I was looking for when I first start to blog in French. Funny to think that I really could get this in writing in English instead of writing in my language.

If I’m interviewed, I will not be the only one ! I’ve decided to create a new category, an Interview’s category ! One a month, I will interview someone different from the wordpress community, this way, I will learn to know better my fellow bloggers, so do you ! I really hope you will enjoy this to be interviewed and to read interviewed as much than I do ! 🙂


Let’s start with Hugmamma !!

1. Why did you decide to blog?

There are so many reasons why I began blogging. All of them are listed on my blog site’s page “why blog.” Primary among them is that I love to write, I’m never at a loss for words or ideas, and at 61 years of age I’m concerned about getting Alzheimer’s, a disease my mom had when she died. So while I’m able, I’d like to contribute some positive inspiration in what’s becoming an increasingly negative world. There should be more compassion for others, as well as for ourselves. We should all strive to live our best lives.

2. Have you traveled outside of USA? If so, where have you been, and is there a favorite place you’d recommend my readers and I visit, both in USA and elsewhere.


The Island of Maui, Hawaii

The Island of Maui, Hawaii

I was born on the island of Maui in Hawaii, the 50th state in the United States of America. I would recommend everyone visit Maui if you haven’t already done so. Its scenery is breathtaking, offering the dormant volcano Haleakala whose landscape looks like the moon’s, the whaling village of Lahaina whose coastline stretches for miles and miles, and the remote villages of Hana and Kahakaloa, both of which reflect native living in the days before tourism.




Surfing in Hawaii

I’d also recommend visiting the other islands in the Hawaiian chain: Oahu, the big island of Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. While similar, each offers its own specia,l tropical flavor.


Beyond the Hawaiian islands, I’ve traveled, as well as lived, in other states here in the U.S. My family currently resides in Washington State. Totally different from my birthplace, Washington nonetheless offers its own beauty from the majestic Mount Rainier to the wide, open, uncluttered plains of Eastern Washington. Driving anywhere in this state, we encounter mountain vistas looming large, and magnificent, on the horizon. By contrast, the years my husband and I lived in New York City as a young couple, were full of adventure. It was fun discovering and experiencing everything The Big Apple offered. Only after working there for 10 years did I fully appreciate the vibrancy of the city, and the true hospitality of New Yorkers. They’ll embrace you with open arms; you just have to be open to receiving them for who they are. Look past the stereotype, and you’ll find New Yorkers have big hearts to match The Big Apple.

My husband and I have always worked in the travel industry, so we’ve traveled, but more often before our daughter was born. I’ve always loved Europe so having seen London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, and Athens was amazing for someone like me born on a small island in the Pacific, the other side of the world, literally. In addition to the big cities, we’ve toured some of the countrysides in England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. We’ve also taken cruises which sailed through the Panama Canal, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Alaska. Like you, I love experiencing new places, new cultures. I must admit though that traveling is not as easy the older I get. So my advice is do whatever you can while you’re young and still have the energy!

3. When Americans visit Hawaii, are there tips you can offer which would make islanders more receptive of some tourists? I”d heard that Hawaiians might not be so friendly towards “hauoles” (Hawaiian word for “strangers”).


Native of Hawaii

Visiting any place that may be culturally different takes forethought, I think. Rather than bring along our own expectations of what our experiences should be, we should be open to what is in front of us. We should refrain from making comparisons, such as “this is how it’s usually done where I come from,” or “service is faster, or better, in my country,” or other similar remarks. Even though Hawaii is part of the United States, the residents of that state, especially those born there, can be offended at visitors from other states who are pushy or obnoxious. That kind of behavior is unacceptable anywhere, even in one’s own home. So why be that way with total strangers? So my suggestions to visitors to Hawaii is “go with the flow.” You may find yourselves loving the islands the way the natives do…not sweating, but enjoying, the small stuff.


Thank you so much for this first part of the interview ! I just want to add Hawaii to the place that I want to visit now ! 🙂 Looking for some photos to illustrate the interview remembered me the beauty of this Islands. It looks just like a little piece of Paradise, a perfect place to relax and forget about the work, just enjoying the moment and as you say “go with the flow” ! 🙂



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Here’s a little game started by Some Go Softly, she wrote:  “ let’s use these a little like those table topics cards: I’ll go first, then you go. If you have a blog or something like that, put it over there and link back to it, or just reply to me in the comments!!

So how could I say no her game ?! Plus Meri Duniya already published her 3 countries’ list, so let’s do it !

  1. United kingdom. I could have told England but I also want to visit Scotland so let’s talk about UK instead ! No I’m not cheating… I’m making this game a little bit easier to me. 😉 So first I always wanted to go to London, or going back to London… Oh that’s not really new isn’t it ?! 😉 But I would love to visit Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, the lakes district as well and then going further to the north to visit Scotland, St Andrews ( Oh my, humm who told you that I wanted to visit the Saint  Graal of the Golf ?! ) and then direction the Highlands visiting some haunted castle and let’s do in the cliché, the Loch Ness’ Lake !
  2. Australia Or New Zealand or why not both !! That can’t be much more far away countries for me… I always wanted to dive into the Great Barrier Reef, to visit the Australian desert, to see Ayers Rocks, so different from the European landscape right ! 🙂 So what about New Zealand ? Seriously ? Have you seen the landscape there ?! So wonderful too !! Mountains and ocean… all that I need !
  3. Brazil definitely !! Because I’ve always liked MPB ( musica popular do Brazil ), the samba, the landscape too and yes I really like Brazilian’s accent ! It so sweet to listen, just like if you could heard the sun in every words they are telling. No Ladies… Please do not think I would like to date a Brazilian… I’ve already done that and believe me, I really can shut down a cliché about Brazilian boy. But I won’t… that will stay a secret, you’re really so curious isn’t it ?! 😉

So this is your turn now !! And don’t forget to let a comment to Some Go Softly‘s  post too !!

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WordPress proposed a new topic yesterday. I didn’t have really much time to write about it and let’s be honest, I wasn’t even interested in this topic because I didn’t feel any inspiration at all about it ! The topic was “Something you’ve never told to anyone”.

But then this morning, I’ve visited Chicfella who wrote this post ” Something I’ve Never Told to anyone” and then It inspired me !! Hallelujah !! He just wrote about a little story who happen to him when he was a child and why he did that. I’ve been remember that when I was a child too, I’ve done things and tell things too because I was scared about what could have told me my parents.

Here’s my story : I was about 7 or 8 years old I think, I used to love to climb to the trees, Oh my it was my favourite game ever every week-end when we went to the country house. I was, how do we call it again… hum a tomboy !! I do loved to let me rolling in the grass, building some cabin, just like a little boy ! But my favourite game ever was to climb in huge ( well I was 7 or 8 remember ? ) walnut tree in front of the country house. That was such a wonderful feeling to helps me with the first branch to goes up in this tree. I used all the time to stand up on the second branch, jump to catch another one a bit upper, let me swing  in the empty by holding the branch with my outstretched arms and then to let me fall and landing on my feet. Oh God what I loved to do that ! I was doing it again and again, I just couldn’t stop myself.

One day, my mother told me to not doing that again or one day, I will fall for good and will hurt myself and this day, Oh yes she won’t bring me to the hospital ! Of course it was to scared me, but at time I didn’t know that and I really thought that my parents will not drive me to the hospital if I felt. I did not stop to doing it either, no way, I loved that too much, I just kept this information in mind…

And the day where I felt came ! I can’t really remember much about it, just that I’ve slide and missed the branch. I do remember that I had a black out, not a long one but still it was one. I do remember waking up and see everything in Black and white and then the colour came back gradually. Where was my parents at this moment ? In the kitchen… And then the moment I would remember my mother’s words ! “We will not bring you to the hospital when you will fall because we warned you so many times !!! “. I just remember thinking at this time : ” Oh my God !! I have to go to the hospital, so I have to make up a lie to fit to my fall and then they could drive me to the hospital once again…! ” (Yes I used to go so often to the hospital that the nurses knew me…)

So here’s the story that I’ve told them: I felt my head first from the low wall with my hands stuck into my pockets so I couldn’t catch myself… add some tears and you got a pretty realistic story from me at time ! ( And possibly true when you knew me… ).Of course my parents watched me for a couple of hours and then drove me to the hospital. Of course it wasn’t nothing at all, just the shock effect ! But still I’ve been scary enough to not doing this little game again…

That sounds crazy now that a such silly little sentence can be taken so seriously by a child and how a child can interpret it in his own way ! My parents never suspected for almost two decades that I felt from the walnut tree, they only knew what really happened a couple of years ago when I finally told them the truth about this time during a family diner where we were talking about this little adventure…

So what is your story ?! 🙂


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I’ve just only be blogging in English for less than a week and I already have Blog Buddies !!

It’s such a great feeling to see that people actually are reading your blog and let some comments or press the Like button ! Specially when you’re new in this big adventure that is blogging. I can’t event describe you how I felt when I read my first comment or maybe yes I could. Just try to imagine me, opening my dashboard and seeing my very first comment, I’ve been smiling even more than smiling, I wanted to jump in my living room and celebrate it with a dance on some very good music ! Can you imagine it ? Yes it was my very first little victory to blogging in my second language and at this moment I was very far away to know what would happen next ! And if for my first comment I did not dance of happiness in my living room, believe me or not when I read Dillon’s comment : “Incidentally, you write in English better than many native English speakers I know, both American and British. Well done!“, I’ve been dancing all the day in my living room !! 😉 Yes Comments and Like button are really making me Happy !

For me it’s very important to know that you’re behind me, waiting for some new posts to be published. 🙂 And if it really keeping me motivated, you can be sure it will be the same for any news bloggers that you will crossed on wordpress or anywhere else !

So now I really would like to thanks all my blog buddies and I will write a widget just for you !

Let me to introduce to you the Ladies :

There is Classyrose, she is my good Godmother in the English Blog’s world. She wrote my very first comment as well 🙂

Then she introduce me to Lone Diamond and in her kind of way with her blog to Piglet In Portugal !

Then with wordpress freshly pressed, I’ve discovered Meri Duniya aka knot2share ‘s world and I really enjoyed to read every new post that she write !

There is too Teacup and cake who just starts to blog too, Jen Clinton and Some Go Softly who’s participating to Post A Week, Yuka Glenn and  Nuggets and pearls who have also subscribed to my blog ! Thank for that girls !! I will follow yours as well. 🙂

But what about Men’s ? I do have some in my list !! Yes !! The first men to read me and to be in a kind of way buddies even if we never called us like this is ChicFella, we’re writing comments to each other’s blog so that’s the most important right, to support each others 🙂 Plus he’s a new blogger too and want to improve his English as well.

There is Dillon from Colorado and Akshay from India who just found me on the wordpress’s blog post a day !

I do thank you all to read / subscribe to my blog !! I’m sure this will be a great adventure and if I’ve forgotten to named someone, please send me a comment and I will correct this right away. 🙂 I don’t know if I could come to read your blogs every day but I will do my best !

PS: I’ve almost forget I promised to Akshay to tell my name…. yes that seems pretty much silly but we don’t really give our real name in the French’s blogging world. As I’m blogging in a complete different world now, I will tell you my name at least my first name… 😉 Bad habits can be really hard to forget right! 😉 So are you ready ?!…. Here it comes… I’m Isabelle !! Wow, that is really like to do a kind of Coming Out to me…. 🙂

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