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I’m enjoying my full access to my laptop today !

My parent will go to Scotland in holiday next week, so before going to the north, my parents are visiting me ! My mother arrived a couple of days from now and my father will arrive in the afternoon.

That’s good but I have forgotten just one point about my mother, she’s addict to internet, she’s so a geek ! She can’t live without a computer. When she’s at home, she is all the time behind a screen, on forums / website or I don’t even know what…

Yesterday, I couldn’t get out from my home because I didn’t feel well, not a big deal it happens sometimes. But instead to go in Paris and to visit the city, my mother just stayed at home with me or I should say, she stayed behind my Macbook on internet all day long with me sitting on my couch, reading a Connelly’s book and sometime watching a tv show ! I couldn’t even touch my laptop because she was like stuck to it !

Funny isn’t it ?! I do remember when I was teenage where my mother was yelling on me to make me shut down my computer. She couldn’t understand why I stayed so long behind the screen. Then now, the role have changed… I’m the one yelling at her because I can’t understand why she just can’t leave the computer even to enjoy a dinner in family…

Yes that’s right, she just leave the dinner to go behind her computer…. true !! Alright, my father eats slowly that’s a fact. Most of time, my mother has already finish the dessert when my father is still eating the main plate, but instead of waiting for him / us, she just leave the table to go behind the computer… True story !!

I mean, I love internet and my laptop you see, but not as much than her ! I don’t know what she is doing exactly… She’s on Facebook, reading and writing on forums and waiting for her (virtual) friends to write her back… yes ok but all day long, really ? That’s a mystery to me !!

Can you believe that to keep this blog away from her, I had to play really smart!! Changing my email, not linking my French blog or vice versa to hide from her, to not allowed her to know the name of this blog… Yes because she is really looking for any information about me on the internet and now about my boyfriend too… Creepy isn’t it ?!  When I told you that she was a geek, a real nerd !!

One thing is sure, if you would tell me when I was teenager that one day, I will be the one fighting against my mother about internet…. Humm I would have laughed so loudly !!

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Because Hipster are so much funnier !!

What Is a Hipster ?

What is a Hipster ?

Come on !! Don’t tell me that you don’t know what is a Hipster… You have already seen some of them, you have to, they are everywhere ! You can’t walk in the street without crossing their ways. They are on television, on internet, in the movies, in the streets, in the bars / restaurants, in concert halls,  even in the museums ! I told you, they are absolutely everywhere !! That’s almost scary !

How could you recognize them ? Well most of time, they are not dressed like every one because they don’t like to be “mainstream”, nope, they want to be special, unique…. They’re going to Tony and Guy’s hairdresser, love to listen music with their new Iphone / Ipod / Monsters Beats Dr Dree’s earphone, they are interested in alternative rock, arts in general, into video games and new communication’s tools like Twitter / Facebook… Parisian Bobo or Hispters love to place some English words in the middle of the conversation because well you know English is so cool and so much trandy !  You might think they could look like NERDS but they’re not, there is this little thing who told you that they look cooler that them. But be careful, 2 Hipsters will not look the same neither, because they don’t buy clothes in some mainstream shop, but vintage shops or (they just took their Grand mother or grand father clothes) ! Looking for unique and specials items, they rule fashion, as they say… They all look the same but they’re not really all the same… humm quite confusing isn’t it !?

But there is worst than just Hipsters, there is Teenager’s Hipsters !!

Parisian Hipsters... That is a special “race”. Teenager are not so easy in their behaviour most of time but Hipster’s ones are the worst ever… Mostly they are coming from some very wealthy’s families, so they got a special behaviour because of that. They are used to get everything they want, so they are kind of arrogant and un-respectful towards authority. They don’t like rules because they are cool, so the coolest thing is to break this fucking rules…
When you talk to them, hipster’s specimen will stare at you with an empty look and any facial expression, so you can’t know what he is really thinking. Does the information get into his / her brain ? Does he / she really understand what I was telling him ? What doesn’t he / she react ? Do I have to repeat my information or what ?!!!

Nope, he / she have completely understood your information but this unexpressive face is his / her way to make you believe that you ARE the STUPID ONE or FOOLISH’ ONE with your rules…. Most of time, they just don’t want to “obey” to a simple request as “This is a non smoking place here, would you blow your cigarette out please?“, so after forcing you to repeat this information several times, they obey (at least!!) but they are really upset and criticize you in a nt very nice way behind your back or they just light up another cigarettes after you left…

Yes this is such a nice time with them, if ever you’re representing authority in front of them… But if you’re selling cool stuff like Beers / alcohols / foods or merchandising, they are just changing attitudes towards you ! No, you’re not cool (don’t be fool!!) but you’re tending to be enough interesting to them so they will listen to you and will maybe told you “hello, please and thank you”… but don’t expect all of this, you might be disappointed…

Of course, there is still some exceptions, some of them could be respectful and nice but not that much… 🙂

Why a post about Hipsters ?… Humm because tonight there will some of them on stage, so lot of them in the audience too !! This is my luck to study them… 😉

Happy Easter to everyone !!


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