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Biquette the small boat from Nice

Biquette, The small Boat from Nice

There is some particular little fishing’s boat in Nice and his area called “les pointus“. Why this named ? Just because of their particular sharp’s shape . There is not many boast like this anymore and I really think this is a shame but there is less fisher man too. You will only find this kind of small boat in the south of France between Marseilles and Italia. Of course there is similar small boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

But today I wanted to write about Biquette. I saw it near Nice on the beach as you can see it on the photo. This one is particular because as you can see it, there is some palms firmly attached to the front of the boat. Why this palms ?

One week before Eastern’s week-end, Palm Sunday is celebrated. During this Mass, you can bring your Palms or Olive branch according where you’re living to the morning Mass and it will be blessed. This way they’re will be blessed to bring you happiness and protection for all the year to come. This is not really much used now because most of the people do not go to the Mass anymore. And I have to admit this is the first time in my life that I see Palms firmly attached to a Pointu !! So I wanted to share this little picture and story with you.


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