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It’s been so long since my last post ? Really ? Oh My God !! Time is really passing so quickly this month or is it me ?

Lately my days are divided this way :

Job’s research, sending resume and letter to possible futur employer.

Reading books !! My Godmother offer me some French thriller to read and I’m really enjoying it.

Blogging in French (Les Chroniques d’Izzie) about my job’s research adventure and believe me, there is a lot to write about ! It’s quite difficult to explain it in English because the French Employment Office is, how could I say that, special ! Yes, special is the word….

Seeing my friend, going to the movie.

Knitting in the evening. That’s a great way to relax and to free your mind of any problems or negative thoughts.

And of course : Opening a new blog !! Yes, I know what you’re going to write me. A new blog but you barely write on this blog so how could you keep 3 blogs open ?

And you were quite right but not worry, I’m not going to close this blog, not at all ! In fact, the new blog is about my knitting project ! I want to keep it simple and elegant : Some photos, 2 or 3 lines of text and that’s it ! I didn’t want a lot of talking or anything. Just to show my projects and that’s it.

And the best of it ? My blog is in French AND in English ! So you can keep an eye on it too ! So if you’re interested, here’s the URL :

Izzie Knits : This pieces that are me

I hope that you will like it !

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I’ve been blogging in French yesterday and now my post is in the main page of the society French kind of blog loving platform named Hellocoton. It’s just if, in the wordpress world, I have been published in the Freshly Pressed news !

See looks : that’s the blog about Besson and EDF (Eric Besson the French politician do not misunderstood with Luc Besson the French movie’s director).

What was my post about ? I’m going to tell you.

I don’t know if you heard / read about it but Monday morning something really serious happened in France.

Greenpeace activist invade 4 different nuclear plant sites in France (Nogent sur Marne, Blayais, Cadarache and Chinon) put some banners in the site then just wait to be found by the any authority available (military /cops / security agent’s or GIGN the French Swap, pick your choice !!)

They just break in and hide and well, I’m really afraid to tell it, wait a long long time (5 hours) to be found ! Yes 5 hours !!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Eric Besson (Minister of Industry) just told the press :

Maybe they could do it, but I’m really surprised because our Nuclear plant sites are really safe and protected and that’s something we have been a lot criticised about.

EDF (The French Electricity company) says:

No one was in the sensitive part of the installations. They knew that it was Greenpeace, so some pacifist’s activists and that the site didn’t risk anything but to every moment they knew where they were….

Ok so if they knew where they was, why did it took them 5 hours to find them ? How could they know that it was just pacifist’s activists ? So because there is Greenpeace write down their clothes, you just let them in ? How safe is it ? Why if they were terrorists ? What if they wanted to damage the sites ? Create a catastrophe ?

Did you know that Greenpeace already invade nuclear plant site in France in 1997 ? That happened once before !! So how could 9 non trained activists pass the security so easily and could stay hide in the site so long when something like that happened already in the past ? They were just nurse, working in the informatics, more than 50 years old for some of them, not practicing any sport for most of them.

No I’m afraid to not feel safe in my country anymore, to have a stupid and non efficient government who’s more interesting to keeping their privileges than trying to keep the people safe and protected. So yes I’m really pissed off and I thought it deserve to be told to the world !

I really do hope that French people will react and actually do something about it, I do hope that we all try to change what’s happening in our country. I do hope…

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Will you see this glass half full or half empty ?

That’s a fact, purely and simply the true.

We are pessimist from nature, always looking to the bad happening to us and not the good. We are particularly good to failed in our professional life and not to allowing ourself to be finally happy and to get what we really want. We just use some stupid and crazy excuses like: there is no way that I can do this, this is too complicated / crazy / dangerous / stupid / impossible*.

It’s really occurred to me while I was doing my personal branding with a group of 6 others people. Most of the people present there were doing it because they had to be fired first of their jobs, even if they hated it, to begin to ask themselves the good questions. Is that job was really good for me ? Am I happy in my life ? Am I doing what I want ?

Well of course, I wasn’t exactly in the same situation because I was doing a job that I loved but I can’t do it anymore because of a prolapsed disc (hernia) but mainly because when I wasn’t happy with my previous job (assistant camera in the cinema), I just quit and changed it ! What it seems completely crazy for French people to do ! Why this ? Just because I’ve lost a job situation, a kind of stability and mostly because I won’t have to ask myself what would be the future for me. Well now, I have to find something else that I would like to do but that is another story.

The more crazy / stupid* thing is to stay in a job situation that not makes you happy but even worst that you makes you feel sick / stressed / depressed* !!

Every one around us just telling us, from an unconscious way that we can’t do what we want, we couldn’t achieve it ! We are just programmed to fail. If we succeed in our life that must be because we used our connections, we were really very lucky or pay some people to get what we wanted*.  But never because we were working hard to get what we really wanted in our life !

We just can’t succeed, that’s non-French !

And this state of mind begin in school when we are kids. If we have suddenly one of the best score of a test in school, that’s not because you were working hard at home to study it but because you were cheating ! True story ! Even worst, one of my French teachers breaks me down in front of all the class because she couldn’t accept that I’ve written alone a home work’s essay, no for her it was too good to be my paper, it has to be my parent’s essay ! Yep that’s right !! So instead of having a good score and some compliments, I’ve been humiliated in front of everyone and got a really bad score ! What was the result of it ? Well I’ve been writing the next essays to “fit” to her bad student’s standard, that means a way down my owns ! I guess in her mind, a girl would not spend her time to read books on her spare time instead of watching TV. That’s quite sad isn’t it ?

Yes we are programmed to failed, to be unhappy and to communicated our depressed feelings in some kind of way.

Take this simple example, someone who is simply happy in his / her life, smiling will make others jealous of him / her ! The morning, instead of telling something nice and lovely when we meet someone, we just kiss on the check, barely tells a “good morning” and every one is going to do his / her tasks of the day. No compliments, no nice words !

Where are the positive and lovely thoughts to share with others ? Does one person happy and optimist will not pass her happiness and good state of mind to her entourage ?

Why we, French people, are not good to this ? Why are we so pessimist instead of being such lovely and optimist people ?

* Delete where inapplicable

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Yesterday it was my sister in law’s birthday.

I don’t why, I thought it was today instead of the yesterday ! So now, I’m in a total rush about having the amazing birthday’s present to send her. In fact, I have no idea at all !

I thought about knitting a quick knitting project like a little cowl or a beanie but I’m afraid it will take more than a day (I have to buy the goof yarn for the good pattern) and it’s without thinking about all the X-Mas gift that I haven’t even start so for this too, I’m in a real rush !!

I was thinking about sending her some scrapbooks’ tools or anything like that, but I don’t know what she will be use, what she already have or you know what she will really like to have ! It’s even worst because I don’t know her much ! I mean, we only see each other maybe once or twice a year for the last 4 years. It’s only since this summer that we find out that we both love to knit and to sew, by the way, she already have all the tools that she needs.

Plus I have to admit, with a kind of shame actually, that I do have exactly the same problem to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend’s birthday too !! His birthday will be in about 2 weeks. It’s even less easy that he just blew out the only idea that I’ve got so far… Let me explain, I thought to offer him a lap cover for his scooter but one day, he came back home and telling me that he just bought one ! Damned here’s my only idea just flying away and he’s really not helping me, well you know as a none talking person, he would not even gives me some clues…

Ok I saw you coming, you will write me that I still offer myself for a great night of wild sex for his birthday, jumping out of a big cake in a really sexy outfit singing “Happy birthday to you mister president my love” but come on !! That will happen anyway, ok maybe not the jumping out of the cake part but you understand me, plus we don’t need to wish one of our birthday for the sex part, thank Lord ! Hum I guess, I have to dig deeper inside my brain to find him another present !

Damned, why is it always so complicated to me to find the perfect birthday’s / X-mas’ present to my friend or family ? I’m really not good at this game. Some people are just gifted for this question, they always have the great idea who would make all the difference ! Why am I just the one who never have any idea at all ?!

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And I have done lot of things instead of blogging !

Swimming, aqua-gym, personal branding or whatever you call it, sewing, knitting and crocheting… As you read it, I’ve been busy.

So instead of trying to make amend of not having blogging anything in about 2 months, I’m going to show you what I’ve knit and crocheting since this september because I have done something like 9 projects ! Ok that’s not such a complicated projects but still, I’m pleasing myself so much with this new activities that I’ve decided to offer some home-made presents for X-Mas this year !

Ok, I’m stopping to write now, it seems that I’m not really very good to express myself with words today. So here’s some photos instead. It will be better to show you my work than just trying to explain you what I did.

Le Foulard Caresse

This one is my first real crochet’s project. I’ve used a yarn called : Angel from Debbie Bliss. It’s made with 76% of super Kid Mohair and 24% of Silk, a real cloud of softness around my neck ! After wearing only once, it already took the smell of my perfume and don’t let you fool but the little hole because I’ve made it with natural fiber, this scarf is really warm !

Lovely Autumn Mittens

This is my first knitting project ever ! I love this little mittens / arm Warmer because of their softness !!

I used a Malabrigo Lace yarn, 100% Merino wool. This yarn is hand dyed and I totally love their colour variation

I can’t get out without wearing it ! I can’t be more proud about this project specially when you know that I couldn’t find any pattern of fingerless mittens in lace. So I’ve created this pattern to shape perfectly to my hand and arm. It was quite simple to do in fact and I’m going to make some others to some friends too !

Origami Snood

I really love this one because it’s really a quick project to crochet (only 4 hours) seamed in Möbius and this is a such warm, soft, lovely yarn hand dyed by a lovely japanese woman with plants coming from her garden !

It’s made with an 100% Mohair wool, hand dyed with Daisies plants. I love this colour, so bright-full ! I’ve bought 2 others skeins of her yarn, different colours of course, one made with Eucalyptus and another one with Garance Indian, both such a wonderful natural colours ! With the days getting colder, I’m happy to have this cowl to protect me from the cold.

Ok, I have to stop now or I will show you all my finished projects ! I should keep you some for the next posts !!

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