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Yesterday it was my sister in law’s birthday.

I don’t why, I thought it was today instead of the yesterday ! So now, I’m in a total rush about having the amazing birthday’s present to send her. In fact, I have no idea at all !

I thought about knitting a quick knitting project like a little cowl or a beanie but I’m afraid it will take more than a day (I have to buy the goof yarn for the good pattern) and it’s without thinking about all the X-Mas gift that I haven’t even start so for this too, I’m in a real rush !!

I was thinking about sending her some scrapbooks’ tools or anything like that, but I don’t know what she will be use, what she already have or you know what she will really like to have ! It’s even worst because I don’t know her much ! I mean, we only see each other maybe once or twice a year for the last 4 years. It’s only since this summer that we find out that we both love to knit and to sew, by the way, she already have all the tools that she needs.

Plus I have to admit, with a kind of shame actually, that I do have exactly the same problem to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend’s birthday too !! His birthday will be in about 2 weeks. It’s even less easy that he just blew out the only idea that I’ve got so far… Let me explain, I thought to offer him a lap cover for his scooter but one day, he came back home and telling me that he just bought one ! Damned here’s my only idea just flying away and he’s really not helping me, well you know as a none talking person, he would not even gives me some clues…

Ok I saw you coming, you will write me that I still offer myself for a great night of wild sex for his birthday, jumping out of a big cake in a really sexy outfit singing “Happy birthday to you mister president my love” but come on !! That will happen anyway, ok maybe not the jumping out of the cake part but you understand me, plus we don’t need to wish one of our birthday for the sex part, thank Lord ! Hum I guess, I have to dig deeper inside my brain to find him another present !

Damned, why is it always so complicated to me to find the perfect birthday’s / X-mas’ present to my friend or family ? I’m really not good at this game. Some people are just gifted for this question, they always have the great idea who would make all the difference ! Why am I just the one who never have any idea at all ?!


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And I have done lot of things instead of blogging !

Swimming, aqua-gym, personal branding or whatever you call it, sewing, knitting and crocheting… As you read it, I’ve been busy.

So instead of trying to make amend of not having blogging anything in about 2 months, I’m going to show you what I’ve knit and crocheting since this september because I have done something like 9 projects ! Ok that’s not such a complicated projects but still, I’m pleasing myself so much with this new activities that I’ve decided to offer some home-made presents for X-Mas this year !

Ok, I’m stopping to write now, it seems that I’m not really very good to express myself with words today. So here’s some photos instead. It will be better to show you my work than just trying to explain you what I did.

Le Foulard Caresse

This one is my first real crochet’s project. I’ve used a yarn called : Angel from Debbie Bliss. It’s made with 76% of super Kid Mohair and 24% of Silk, a real cloud of softness around my neck ! After wearing only once, it already took the smell of my perfume and don’t let you fool but the little hole because I’ve made it with natural fiber, this scarf is really warm !

Lovely Autumn Mittens

This is my first knitting project ever ! I love this little mittens / arm Warmer because of their softness !!

I used a Malabrigo Lace yarn, 100% Merino wool. This yarn is hand dyed and I totally love their colour variation

I can’t get out without wearing it ! I can’t be more proud about this project specially when you know that I couldn’t find any pattern of fingerless mittens in lace. So I’ve created this pattern to shape perfectly to my hand and arm. It was quite simple to do in fact and I’m going to make some others to some friends too !

Origami Snood

I really love this one because it’s really a quick project to crochet (only 4 hours) seamed in Möbius and this is a such warm, soft, lovely yarn hand dyed by a lovely japanese woman with plants coming from her garden !

It’s made with an 100% Mohair wool, hand dyed with Daisies plants. I love this colour, so bright-full ! I’ve bought 2 others skeins of her yarn, different colours of course, one made with Eucalyptus and another one with Garance Indian, both such a wonderful natural colours ! With the days getting colder, I’m happy to have this cowl to protect me from the cold.

Ok, I have to stop now or I will show you all my finished projects ! I should keep you some for the next posts !!

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I’m not in the mood to write today.

I can’t put my thoughts together, I can’t think clearly because the only think who really is obsessing me lately is about my professional life. What will I do next ? What job that I like can I do ?

I know that I could find some jobs just for the money as a waitress or in a shop but that’s not something that I like, it will just be to pay the rent, just earning money. That will be ok for a couple of months maybe more or maybe less but will come a day where I will have enough of it and will want to do something that I will really like.

But here’s the problem : I don’t know what I will really like to do ! It seems silly but I likes work in the cinema before, then one day I had enough, then I really liked to work in the theatre / music but my body just told me that it wasn’t ok. So here am I… Lost in my thoughts and with no idea or any clues about what I will become next.

Working in the publishing world ? In the communication or as a RP ? Advertising ‘s world ? Cinema or music production ? I don’t know !! I even had an idea about opening a coffee bookshop store…

I have to change for the third time of work ( I don’t count all the students and summer jobs that I had of course… ) and this time I don’t want to fail. I don’t want to miss the good jobs for me.

So I’m trying so hardly to think about this question: What do I really like to do ? But it seems like to be a foolish question, the most impressive brainstorming at the end. I don’t know, I just don’t know.

How a such simple question like this one could be the most difficult to answer ?

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Just because I thought that I couldn’t keep it to myself…

The London Eye…

Sir Big Ben !

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It’s not usual to me to write about a recipe but here’s one you should definitely try!

That’s a speciality from the French Riviera, in the area of Nice. I remember my Grand mother cooking me this when I was a child and even if I didn’t like courgettes (zucchinis), I loved “la fleur de courgette” (zucchini’s flower). The best thing about it, it’s the perfect season to cook it !!

You can serve it as a starter and it’s even better if you eat it right after cooked it ! If you’re waiting too long to eat it, you will lose the dead-crispy outside.

Here’s some tips before starting :

If you’re planting “courgette de nice” in your gardens, you can pick your own flower’s harvest up the morning ! More fresh the flowers will be, better the “beignets” will be !  Be Careful !! Don’t use the flowers on the zucchinis but the independent ones who are on the stem. There are the male flowers and if you can, remove the stamens to prepare it to cook.

Beignets de Fleurs de courgettes:

Season : Summer
Recipe for 6 persons
Difficulty Middle
Preparation : + or - 40min 

20 fleurs de courgettes
150 gr Flour
2 eggs
20 cl Milk
1 spoon of olive oil (It gives a plus to the recipe but you can't cook it without it too)
Salt + Pepper
Chopped parsley and garlic (but very lightly) Same thing that for the olive oil, you can find recipes without it.
Frying oil (1L but still depends of you own a deep fryer or a deep frying pan)

Batter’s preparation:

– Separate egg whites from egg yolk.
– In a salad bowl, put the flours. Dig a well into the middle of the flour to add the egg yolks and the olive oil spoon.
Mix in slowly and incorporate milk little by little. The batter should be smooth and a little bit more thick than the crepe batter. You could add some milk if you need to.
– Seasoning with the chopped parsley (+ garlic), salt and pepper.
– Beat egg whites until they form peaks and incorporate it to the batter delicately.

Note: You can use entire eggs to gain so time. But in this case, add the half of a single dose of the baking powder.

– Leave to rest for 30 min.

Beignet‘s preparation and cooking:

– While the batter is resting, prepare the flowers.
Clean them delicately with water. Cut the stems and the plant-based. Open them to cut their orange-yellow pistil.
– Warm up the frying oil.
– Dip the flowers in the batter before to put them in the hot frying oil. Let them cook 2 min each side until it became golden and crispy on both sides.
– Drain “les beignets” on kitchen paper to absorb the oil.

Note: If you have some extra batter, you can do more beignets with aubergine / Eggplant. Cut an aubergine into slices, brown it in a fryer pan with a little bit of olive oil and then dig it into the batter !

You can serve it with a salad or just as a starter to your friends or family !

Et voilà !! Bon appétit !

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So here we are, the weekly photo challenge about the sky !

I like the sky, so shiny, so electric blue. In the area of the French Riviera, the sky is just so blue without any clouds or very few. In fact, when there is one or two clouds, we just think that is not a good day. When I think that there is so few days without any clouds in the sky of Paris ! According to this criteria, we almost never have a beautiful day in Paris so…

So here is a couple of photo that I really like about the sky…

Less talk, more photos !

Electric blue sky from the French Riviera…

Gréolière les Neiges

And to finish, le Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

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I’m enjoying my full access to my laptop today !

My parent will go to Scotland in holiday next week, so before going to the north, my parents are visiting me ! My mother arrived a couple of days from now and my father will arrive in the afternoon.

That’s good but I have forgotten just one point about my mother, she’s addict to internet, she’s so a geek ! She can’t live without a computer. When she’s at home, she is all the time behind a screen, on forums / website or I don’t even know what…

Yesterday, I couldn’t get out from my home because I didn’t feel well, not a big deal it happens sometimes. But instead to go in Paris and to visit the city, my mother just stayed at home with me or I should say, she stayed behind my Macbook on internet all day long with me sitting on my couch, reading a Connelly’s book and sometime watching a tv show ! I couldn’t even touch my laptop because she was like stuck to it !

Funny isn’t it ?! I do remember when I was teenage where my mother was yelling on me to make me shut down my computer. She couldn’t understand why I stayed so long behind the screen. Then now, the role have changed… I’m the one yelling at her because I can’t understand why she just can’t leave the computer even to enjoy a dinner in family…

Yes that’s right, she just leave the dinner to go behind her computer…. true !! Alright, my father eats slowly that’s a fact. Most of time, my mother has already finish the dessert when my father is still eating the main plate, but instead of waiting for him / us, she just leave the table to go behind the computer… True story !!

I mean, I love internet and my laptop you see, but not as much than her ! I don’t know what she is doing exactly… She’s on Facebook, reading and writing on forums and waiting for her (virtual) friends to write her back… yes ok but all day long, really ? That’s a mystery to me !!

Can you believe that to keep this blog away from her, I had to play really smart!! Changing my email, not linking my French blog or vice versa to hide from her, to not allowed her to know the name of this blog… Yes because she is really looking for any information about me on the internet and now about my boyfriend too… Creepy isn’t it ?!  When I told you that she was a geek, a real nerd !!

One thing is sure, if you would tell me when I was teenager that one day, I will be the one fighting against my mother about internet…. Humm I would have laughed so loudly !!

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