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During this so cold Siberian winter, there is some things that I really regret :

Regret of the sun, regret of the light and this golden landscape of Toscana, Italy


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heat waveToday is not really the day or you want to get out. It’s damned to hot to get out ! For weeks now, it was cloudy, rainy and mostly cold days for the season but not today. A really hot wind coming right away from Sahara is hardly striking the country. 36°C or should I say about 97° Fahrenheit… It’s like living in an oven right now.

So I’ve applied the same technique I did too when I was still living in the south of France. I’ve closed all the shutters, windows and curtains very late this night, actually before the heat will rise early this morning to keep my apartment the coolest that I can. So yes, I’m staying in a dark apartment, well I do have some sun lights coming into it but not as much that if my windows was opened right ! And I have to admit, it’s working ! For ever it worth it, my place is cooler than outside, I do not suffer from it and I can move without to be shattered !! That’s the best thing I can do about it and as soon as I don’t have to go outside, I will stay here until it will cool down a little bit outside.

You know, the funny things about it, my cat is not trying to stick me ! Nope, she’s rather to lay on the floor away from me or any source of heat ! For once she will not try to put herself between me and my MacBook !! I’m gonna enjoy it….

Well I guess I will go to the grocery in the evening, just before it will close when the sun will be down… But not now, no no no, now I’m just gonna read a little bit and drinking lot of cool water ! Yep, we never think enough to keep hydrated in this moment !

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Biquette the small boat from Nice

Biquette, The small Boat from Nice

There is some particular little fishing’s boat in Nice and his area called “les pointus“. Why this named ? Just because of their particular sharp’s shape . There is not many boast like this anymore and I really think this is a shame but there is less fisher man too. You will only find this kind of small boat in the south of France between Marseilles and Italia. Of course there is similar small boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

But today I wanted to write about Biquette. I saw it near Nice on the beach as you can see it on the photo. This one is particular because as you can see it, there is some palms firmly attached to the front of the boat. Why this palms ?

One week before Eastern’s week-end, Palm Sunday is celebrated. During this Mass, you can bring your Palms or Olive branch according where you’re living to the morning Mass and it will be blessed. This way they’re will be blessed to bring you happiness and protection for all the year to come. This is not really much used now because most of the people do not go to the Mass anymore. And I have to admit this is the first time in my life that I see Palms firmly attached to a Pointu !! So I wanted to share this little picture and story with you.

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It’s been 2 days that I’m in Nice, my hometown, for holidays. I’m staying to my parents only 4 days, unfortunately I can’t stay longer because of my work. So I’m really enjoying every moment !

It’s really shiny and hot here ! It’s just like it was already the Summer, even is not the same than in Paris. All the clothes in the store are in white, light Colors…

I like being here specially that I need sunlight !! I love to Walk on the “Promenade des Anglais” and feeling this particulary smell coming from the sea. I do love to sit in front of the sea and reading a good book or just staring at it. That’s funny because when I was still leaving here, I did not notice it anymore, I mean I knew that it was there, no need to see it. I guess that was completely normal.

I would like to write more about it or to show you some photos, but i’m writing from my iPhone and I do not have my laptop with me… You Will have to be patient !! 🙂

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Sunny days are coming back and for once I’m not working all day locked inside the Concert Hall !!! Yeahhhhhh

So I’ve planned to enjoy it and to go outside. What about a walk in Paris ? Or maybe just find a nice place to have a coffee or to sit down in a park ?! I’ve almost forget the pleasure to feel the sun caress my skin and the heat of the sunlight after this long cold winter !

Ok no more talking now… I have to close my computer and to go outside to enjoy it and not only talking about it, if you know what I mean. 😉

Have a good sunny sunday afternoon where ever you are too ! 🙂

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