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Cinque Terre, Italy


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Here comes the first photo from my trip to Italy :

A sunset upon Florence…

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Père Lachaise is the biggest cemetery of Paris and one the most famous in the world. It’s more than 200 years old and it’s the largest cemetery in the city of Paris, 48 ha and 118.6 acres.

The cemetery takes its name from the confessor to Louis XIV, Père François de la Chaise (1624–1709), who lived in the Jesuit house rebuilt in 1682 on the site of the chapel.

Chopin's Grave

Lot of famous people are buried here : Chopin, Champollion, Jim Morrison, Jean Moulin, Edith Piaf, Marcel Proust….

The cemetery is on Boulevard de Ménilmontant. The Paris Métro station Philippe Auguste on line 2 is next to the main entrance, while the station called Père Lachaise, on line 3, is 500 metres away near a side entrance. Many tourists prefer the Gambetta station on line 3 as it allows them to enter near the tomb of Oscar Wilde and then walk downhill to visit the rest of the cemetery.

I like this place for his beauty and his peacefulness, well of course it is, it’s a cemetery silly me! When you first enter inside, you can see a lot of grave, most of them are quite recent and it really looks like a basic French cemetery. That’s not my favourite place in the cemetery, even if when you’re going upper in the left you will find Oscar Wilde’s grave and his Art deco’s monument.

When you’re going more deeply in the cemetery, the magic of the place will act. You have to go far behind the crematorium, getting down the little hill. Then you will find the place where located Jim Morrison, not very far away from Mister Champollion and Chopin…

I love to go to this part of the cemetery, not because I really love the work of Jim Morrison or Chopin but mostly because I have the feeling to not being in Paris any more, I have this strange feeling to be out of time, lost in the middle of a beautiful site, surrounded by nature and life who take the advantage on the dead, you can hear the birds singing and not the city noise any more.

I could try to describe you the place but there is nothing better than more photos right !? I took them few years ago now but in the meantime, just like I wrote, it’s an out of time place !

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Update #4

I am currently thinking about a Traveller’s tips post section about London, Paris and the south of France called “An Unusual Guide“. I want to do this category as best than I can. So I have to think seriously about it and that can take some time right ?! Don’t worry I’m not going to disappear for a while, that just mean that I’m not going to publish a post today !

Stay tuned for the next !!

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Few days ago Hugmamma contact me to interviewed me. First I was surprised, I mean who am I to be interviewed… Just another blogger in the big Blogger World, plus because of my job, I don’t have much more time to write any more.

It’s kind of exciting on a certain way and that’s the opportunity too to get to know someone and then with the network, so many others people from all around the world ! Exactly that I was looking for when I first start to blog in French. Funny to think that I really could get this in writing in English instead of writing in my language.

If I’m interviewed, I will not be the only one ! I’ve decided to create a new category, an Interview’s category ! One a month, I will interview someone different from the wordpress community, this way, I will learn to know better my fellow bloggers, so do you ! I really hope you will enjoy this to be interviewed and to read interviewed as much than I do ! 🙂


Let’s start with Hugmamma !!

1. Why did you decide to blog?

There are so many reasons why I began blogging. All of them are listed on my blog site’s page “why blog.” Primary among them is that I love to write, I’m never at a loss for words or ideas, and at 61 years of age I’m concerned about getting Alzheimer’s, a disease my mom had when she died. So while I’m able, I’d like to contribute some positive inspiration in what’s becoming an increasingly negative world. There should be more compassion for others, as well as for ourselves. We should all strive to live our best lives.

2. Have you traveled outside of USA? If so, where have you been, and is there a favorite place you’d recommend my readers and I visit, both in USA and elsewhere.


The Island of Maui, Hawaii

The Island of Maui, Hawaii

I was born on the island of Maui in Hawaii, the 50th state in the United States of America. I would recommend everyone visit Maui if you haven’t already done so. Its scenery is breathtaking, offering the dormant volcano Haleakala whose landscape looks like the moon’s, the whaling village of Lahaina whose coastline stretches for miles and miles, and the remote villages of Hana and Kahakaloa, both of which reflect native living in the days before tourism.




Surfing in Hawaii

I’d also recommend visiting the other islands in the Hawaiian chain: Oahu, the big island of Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. While similar, each offers its own specia,l tropical flavor.


Beyond the Hawaiian islands, I’ve traveled, as well as lived, in other states here in the U.S. My family currently resides in Washington State. Totally different from my birthplace, Washington nonetheless offers its own beauty from the majestic Mount Rainier to the wide, open, uncluttered plains of Eastern Washington. Driving anywhere in this state, we encounter mountain vistas looming large, and magnificent, on the horizon. By contrast, the years my husband and I lived in New York City as a young couple, were full of adventure. It was fun discovering and experiencing everything The Big Apple offered. Only after working there for 10 years did I fully appreciate the vibrancy of the city, and the true hospitality of New Yorkers. They’ll embrace you with open arms; you just have to be open to receiving them for who they are. Look past the stereotype, and you’ll find New Yorkers have big hearts to match The Big Apple.

My husband and I have always worked in the travel industry, so we’ve traveled, but more often before our daughter was born. I’ve always loved Europe so having seen London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, and Athens was amazing for someone like me born on a small island in the Pacific, the other side of the world, literally. In addition to the big cities, we’ve toured some of the countrysides in England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. We’ve also taken cruises which sailed through the Panama Canal, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Alaska. Like you, I love experiencing new places, new cultures. I must admit though that traveling is not as easy the older I get. So my advice is do whatever you can while you’re young and still have the energy!

3. When Americans visit Hawaii, are there tips you can offer which would make islanders more receptive of some tourists? I”d heard that Hawaiians might not be so friendly towards “hauoles” (Hawaiian word for “strangers”).


Native of Hawaii

Visiting any place that may be culturally different takes forethought, I think. Rather than bring along our own expectations of what our experiences should be, we should be open to what is in front of us. We should refrain from making comparisons, such as “this is how it’s usually done where I come from,” or “service is faster, or better, in my country,” or other similar remarks. Even though Hawaii is part of the United States, the residents of that state, especially those born there, can be offended at visitors from other states who are pushy or obnoxious. That kind of behavior is unacceptable anywhere, even in one’s own home. So why be that way with total strangers? So my suggestions to visitors to Hawaii is “go with the flow.” You may find yourselves loving the islands the way the natives do…not sweating, but enjoying, the small stuff.


Thank you so much for this first part of the interview ! I just want to add Hawaii to the place that I want to visit now ! 🙂 Looking for some photos to illustrate the interview remembered me the beauty of this Islands. It looks just like a little piece of Paradise, a perfect place to relax and forget about the work, just enjoying the moment and as you say “go with the flow” ! 🙂



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Here’s a little game started by Some Go Softly, she wrote:  “ let’s use these a little like those table topics cards: I’ll go first, then you go. If you have a blog or something like that, put it over there and link back to it, or just reply to me in the comments!!

So how could I say no her game ?! Plus Meri Duniya already published her 3 countries’ list, so let’s do it !

  1. United kingdom. I could have told England but I also want to visit Scotland so let’s talk about UK instead ! No I’m not cheating… I’m making this game a little bit easier to me. 😉 So first I always wanted to go to London, or going back to London… Oh that’s not really new isn’t it ?! 😉 But I would love to visit Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, the lakes district as well and then going further to the north to visit Scotland, St Andrews ( Oh my, humm who told you that I wanted to visit the Saint  Graal of the Golf ?! ) and then direction the Highlands visiting some haunted castle and let’s do in the cliché, the Loch Ness’ Lake !
  2. Australia Or New Zealand or why not both !! That can’t be much more far away countries for me… I always wanted to dive into the Great Barrier Reef, to visit the Australian desert, to see Ayers Rocks, so different from the European landscape right ! 🙂 So what about New Zealand ? Seriously ? Have you seen the landscape there ?! So wonderful too !! Mountains and ocean… all that I need !
  3. Brazil definitely !! Because I’ve always liked MPB ( musica popular do Brazil ), the samba, the landscape too and yes I really like Brazilian’s accent ! It so sweet to listen, just like if you could heard the sun in every words they are telling. No Ladies… Please do not think I would like to date a Brazilian… I’ve already done that and believe me, I really can shut down a cliché about Brazilian boy. But I won’t… that will stay a secret, you’re really so curious isn’t it ?! 😉

So this is your turn now !! And don’t forget to let a comment to Some Go Softly‘s  post too !!

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